Team up with The Kongs to take on the Snowmads this February!
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Donkey Kong and his primate associates are back for another exciting adventure, this time in the form of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze which is coming out on the Wii U on the 21st of Feb 2014 (in the UK and Europe, Japan and the States probably had it in 2012).

On initial thoughts I thought that DonkeyKongs natural climate had been damaged by the effects of climate change. But it turns out its worse than that. Read on if you dare. The soundtrack for Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze was composed by David Wise (working on behalf of Retro Studios) who has been composing for the Donkey Kong series and working for Rare between 1985-2009.

The enemy in this adventure are the Snowmads (Snow covered Nomads pun?) who arrive on Longships and using magical horns bust up Kongland into an arctic wasteland laden with Blizzards, Ice and Snow. How would you feel if your home was taken over by Viking Snowmen on Ships? I'd be a little bewildered for sure.

Like Mario and the gang get hurled away from The Mushroom Castle in NSMB U, in this The Kongs get blown away by powerful gusts and start several Islands away from their starting point. An arduous and perilous journey across six islands (of differing themes) lies ahead of them featuring Rambi rides, underwater stages, secret exits and the most epic boss battles yet seen in a Donkey Kong title.

There are also a new camera functions, quoted from Nintendo UK PR as below

"On many occasions, the new dynamic camera twists the action in a way never seen before, lending a more cinematic point of view to frenzies of Barrel Cannon blasts and Mine Carts careering off the rails."

In traditional DK series style, DK doesn't have to do things alone, he has a multitude of sidekicks available each with differing attributes to make them
useful in different situations:-

  • Diddy Kong, DK's most trusted sidekick is back and packing a Peanut Popgun (Menacing eh, if you have a nut allergy...) as well as a Barrel Jet move to help cross those horrible gaps in the floor that its unhealthy to fall down.
  • Dixie Kong makes a return armed with a Gumball Popgun and is also able to vigorously spin her blonde locks to use a helicopter spin move to gain extra in air jumps.
  • Or if these young whipper snappers dont cut it, for the first time ever Cranky Kong joins the fray as a playable character. Cranky of course comes armed with his cane, which enables the special move 'cane bounce' - it appears that Cranky is the best pal to take with you when you're looking for the games many secret items and areas. So if you're normally player 2, be prepared for demands that you play as Cranky!

Each duo will be able to work together to use the newest power-move "Kong Pow" (mmmm Kung Po....) once you acquire 100 bananas. The move will be similar to that of the Mario universes POW block and will wipe out all the enemies on the screen; it will also turn them into useful items - what items you get will depend on who your partner is at the time for example If Cranky Kong is your partner all the enemies will turn into Banana coins which can be used in Funky Kong's shop "Funkys Fly N Buy" to buy useful stuff, and not so useful stuff. You can get crash guards to stop you taking damage in Mine Cart situations, or you can simply collect figures from the Toy Capsule Machine (inspired by the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series)

Got the madskillz and heart of DonkeyKong himself? Can complete levels in superfast time and in style? Upload your replays of Time Attack mode and share your madskillz with the world as well as completing in the online leaderboard system. Not only this but if you're REALLY good there is a hardmode that can be unlocked where you have only one heart per level, and don't get to bring a sidekick.

Help the Kongs thaw out their tropical paradise in an amazing HD setting with a host of new features in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, one of many reasons for people to buy a Wii U this year.

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