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Ever since Super Mario Bros was first released to the Nintendo 8-bit console in 1985, this mushroom munching Italian has inspired countless of game developers and ambitious people. What would the world be like without this fascinating character and phenomenal video game series? Well, if we ask those who love taking risks by gambling at online casinos they would surely say that the experience wouldn’t be the same as one of their favorite slot machines would be missing.

It was in May 2017 that one of the world’s most creative slot providers, Thunderkick, created the casino game Flame Busters, which is clearly inspired by the first Super Mario release. Well, to say clearly might be a bit of an overstatement as to our knowledge there has never been a fire station, any wizards, pirates, robots or cigarette smoking goats (say what now?) in Super Mario. We know what you’re thinking and yes, it’s quite an interesting mix of characters and god knows how many mushrooms the team who came up with the idea had ingested at the time. 
Anyhow, what we meant to say is that the game is most likely to be inspired by Super Mario as it is designed with a stunning 8-bit graphic with pixels so big that you can’t tell a tree from a bush. And what other game could someone get this inspiration from if not Super Mario? Exactly! There is no other title that is as associated with NES as the two Italian brothers that we have all come to love.

The 8-bit design of the Flame Busters slot is yet today like no other and among online casinos you can find more than a thousand different games with a plethora of varying themes. The uniqueness of this creatively crafted gambling machine immediately took the casino industry by storm upon release and quickly became a popular choice among thrill seekers. A choice many gamblers are still making to this date.

Some are referring to the game as the Super Mario of slots and having had the pleasure of taking it for a spin we couldn't agree more. We are of course sadly missing the magical mushrooms, powerful flowers and the majestic mustache of the Italian hero. However, with a charmingly pixelated graphic trying to depiction us fluffy clouds, branches on trees and details on characters, we definitely get a nostalgic feeling. Not any feeling, but a feeling that makes us want to dust of the old 8-bit Nintendo and beat the original Super Mario Bros for the hundredth time.

Mario Segale, the person that our beloved Super Mario character is based off may just have died at his age of 84, but his legacy will live on forever and Super Mario will continue to inspire the world. This time it was a slot machine at a casino, but who knows what other fascinating things the future will bring?

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