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A long time ago on a website far far away there was.... Mario, 2001 to be precise. This was on my original site which was called "Super Mario Portal"; a once thriving community of fan artists, writers, game makers and comic creators which due to my own personal circumstances at the time I had to abandon. This site is my attempt to recreate a bit of what SMP was, but since those days things have changed quite a lot in the sense that all the "biggest and best" fan sites are all based on Wiki's (With a few exceptions of course such as The Mushroom Kingdom which is to me a fantastic oldschool Mario site, the way I believe they should be...) bringing that back will be far from easy.


When I disappeared from the net for years while I sorted things irl I left behind some great people who had formed part of our old community. Over the coming weeks I will be adding works by those people; particularly some of the Comic series' that we used to host - taking into account the bulk of this happening in 2003-2004 and those people are significantly older now, I am prepared for taking some abuse for putting up work from when they were 8 etc ;-)


A few of the names of major contributors I can remember; Mariofan9, Darkangel175532, GRiM, DeBug, Sam, Joker, PopManW, Mariomeha, Madspikey, cheatmaster-30, Chris, Coldkiller, Toadfan8, SchwarzerWind, Nintendork and N-Cubed. If I used to work with you and have missed your name - its not because I'm rude, time has just ravaged me; Thanks to all of you - and if you are still alive, feel free to contact me ;-)


For those of you who didn't catch Super Mario Portal first time round - you have a lot of Fan Comics to look forward to seeing for the first time coming over the next few weeks - a lot of which I have added already so please do check them out!

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