Coming Soon: Super Mario Bros U Deluxe and Luigi’s Mansion 3
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2019 looks like it’s going to be another year for our friendly plumber and the entire company.  Never content with the endless list of games already released, Nintendo Switch have revealed that there will be not one but two releases next year to look forward to.

The last Super Mario offering, Super Mario Odyssey in 2017 broke the 10 million sold copies mark, making it the fastest-selling title in the US and Europe. This is followed by Mario Kart 8, which sold 9.22 million copies. This last bit of news is highly interesting and relevant here because it just goes to show that spin-offs can be just as popular (if not more in some cases) than some of the main game products.


Let’s talk about something closer to home. The last Luigi game (another spin-off), released in 2013 and developed by CapCom, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was extremely well received, both by critics and gamers and was even described as “Nintendo’s inventive best”.  As of September 2017, it had sold 5.45 million units worldwide. It’s a far cry from Super Mario’s best, but let’s all remember that Luigi is after all, the other lesser-known character. The appeal for Mario will always be greater.

The legacy does not need any further confirmations of its enduring success. Apart from spawning and inspiring an endless variety of other games, both online and off, from shiny casino games to homely board games, it has remained a fixed point in gaming evolution. Nevertheless, we all love the appeal of “new”: very often, if it’s new, we want it, just because we crave variety. So let’s take a look at the new games to be released next year. What we know about them, what we hope we’ll see and what this means for the Super Mario legacy in its entirety.

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 Following the decidedly unsuccessful performance of the Super Mario Bros U on Wii, the switch to Nintendo was the best decision the creators could make, seeing how sales were sky-rocketing. The game introduces new characters to the storyboard of this side-scrolling platformer. We meet Nabbit, a cross between a rabbit and an unsettling animal with a large mouth and teeth and Toadette, a little Bo-Beep of sorts in wide pink dress. Nabbit takes no damage from enemies (think of the implictaions!) while Toadette can power up with a crown to become Peachette and gain a double jump.

It will be available January 11th, 2019. We tend to start expecting the same things from Super Mario, better graphics, cool new features and the ever classical side-scrolling to keep things fixed firmly within our nostalgic grasp. The line-up of new, colourful characters are always a mainstay, an element gamers look up before purchasing the game.

Another plus point? Super Luigi U will also be included for free with Super Mario U Deluxe. Another fun-packed game for all to enjoy. However, that’s not all In Luigi news. There’s more.

Luigi Mansion 3 – as yet a working title – will also be released next year. We don’t know when exactly yet and the teaser does not reveal much. We see Luigi making his way once more through a spooky, haunted house, against what is probably everyone’s better judgement.  This also signals Luigi’s Mansion return to console (since the original Nintendo GameCube title) for the very first time.

While fans have already surgically dissected the trailer and come up with a list of new features – including a cool new plunger-firing Poltergeist vacuum – and scenes, we will have to wait until at least Nintendo favour us with more news and a longer trailer.

Seems like 2019 cannot come soon enough. While January may not be that far off to be able to enjoy Super Mario Bros U Deluxe, we can find solace in the past Super Mario games which are still able to deliver hours of fun, even if we’re just replaying levels we’ve already conquered.

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