How Super Mario Has Influenced Casinos
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If you are a 90’s kid, you would remember the first time you played Super Mario. You might also remember the console from Nintendo that had come with a joystick too. The thrill of seeing the cute little guy in blue overalls jumping and skipping over brick walls and eating mushrooms is too sweet of a memory. The game has not died though we have moved on from those Nintendo consoles to XBOX and Playstations.

Now, as adults seeking some casual break at a casino and visit them here at Novibet, you might be surprised, but Mario is here too. Yes, your very favorite guy is here rescuing the princess and fighting the dragons. But there are twists and features to check out. Let us check out why Mario is still making the right noise in the gaming industry three decades after its release.

The Nostalgic Factor

We never forget our first love, and Super Mario was ours for sure. He was our idol, the nice guy who went on a mission, jumping and crossing walls and pipes to rescue the princess. As kids, the game gave us the first real physical experience of literally making some character jump just by clicking on a few buttons. This nostalgia is unparalleled, and we have to admit that the game represents everything we had in childhood.


The Rise of His Popularity

For once, if we look back, Mario was not named Super Mario at first. The game was called Jumpman, and he had to save his girlfriend from a gorilla. Does the plot sound familiar? But when they created it that they did not realize it would become a sensational hit overnight. It was in 1981, and slowly in 1986, the game was a success worldwide. Later, Mario appeared in other games as well, as many as 200 of them. Nintendo later evolved with time and as it improved its consoles, so did the game of Super Mario.

How the Mario Storm has taken over Casinos

Mario’s success is infectious, and no one can ignore it. Hence, Super Mario came to casinos in various forms. You can find Mario-themed Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker titles. Unfortunately, there are no big Mario-themed slots yet, but that is just a passing phase, and before long, there would be one too.

Let us talk more about these titles:

  • Mario Roulette: Super Mario 64 DS is a popular choice of roulette, with Mario becoming the dealer for you. It has a stylish outlook, and certain casinos will urge you to play it. The game gets a mushroom roulette feature and is slightly different from the others.
  • Mario Blackjack: Luigi-jack game is also a popular version from Nintendo DS. The multiplayer game will allow 2 people and once you reach 21 early. There is a way to improve your chances and win as much as two times of your rival.
  • Poker: We can have the best of both worlds in the form of poker. The game has a five-card hand, and there are several wins to achieve. You can make the one-pair, or three of kind wins.
  • Casino War: Another card game for you to play and enjoy in the Super Mario theme. It has a really easy gameplan for even the newbie player to try.

The Super Mario fanfare will not die anytime soon since there is a lot of unadulterated fun attached to the series. Hence, we can expect more of the game versions in the casino. There will be games in the slots category and more to play soon, and that is what we all hardcore lovers of Mario desire.

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