It's been a little quiet lately, but we'll be right back with you soon!
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It may have seemed a little quiet around here lately, but don't worry we'll be bringing you some fresh Mario and Luigi real soon. There is some major renovation work going on in the background with our man Benni fixing all of our official art galleries which have been pretty much down since we switched plugins.


Meantime I'm working my way through anything that might be broken - and I'm pleased to let you know that all of our Nintendo 3DS and Wii U reviews are now looking pretty, we've also introduced a proper scoring system which all reviews are being converted to confirm to - check out our reviews section for more.


Also, we're a Mario series fan site, yes... but are we going to say every Mario game is 10 out of 10 with no room for improvement? No, we want multidimensional opinions on all Super Mario Games, some of our reviewers rate some games extremely low, whilst others might have enjoyed a game more... we have more respect for the Mario community than to serve up a bunch of 10 out of 10 "buy it buy it buy it" reviews, see for yourself - we have over 180 user contributed reviews here right now and we'd love more - especially for the Wii U and 3DS, want to write for us? Get in touch on


So stay tuned and we'll be back with you soon for the latest Mario news as well as servings of LOTS of rare, unheard of and obscure Mario titles, we have more planned than we have the hands to type it with.

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