Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time Cheats & Tips (Nintendo DS)

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (Nintendo DS) - Cheats & Tips

You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Mario & Luigi: Partner's in Time (Nintendo DS)


Bean diggers

Once you've gained the dig ability with Baby Mario and Luigi you can send them under ground to dig up beans, to do this whenever you see a circle with an X in it, press X or Y to throw Baby Mario and Luigi then press R followed by B twice to go underground, move beneath the X and press B, you'll then dig up a bean.

Dodging attacks
During a battle, press Attack for Mario or Luigi to dodge enemy attacks.


Easy coins
There is a point in Thwomp Volcano where 30 gems are needed to pass, once you have obtained 30 gems and passed, you can come back out and talk to the Thwomp again, saying yes when he asks if you want to play. every time you finish the game with less than 50 gems you will instead get 20 coins - this game is repeatable, and doesn't cost anything to play so you can get as many coins as you like.


First boss - how to

Don't attack the boss immediately but wait for the Shroobs to get a poison Mushroom, you can tell when they have because the boss will turn green - when he is green attack him. If he is still red do not attack. There will come a point where one of the Shroob doctors gets a Poison Mushroom - when this happens target the afflicted Shroob doctor and get him down quickly to beat the boss.


Prince Peasley poster in Peach's Castle
In Peach's Castle (Present), go into the item shop. Walk up to the counter, and behind the Toad that sells items is a poster of Prince Peasley from Mario And Luigi: Superstar Saga.


Santa Clause reference in Holli Jolli Village
When you first arrive in Holli Jolli Village, go into the Mayor's house. Hit him out of the chimney and he will look like Santa Clause and say "Ho Ho!".


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