Mario and Wario (SNES) Artwork including Mario, Wanda, Wario and more.
Rendered Artwork

Mario & Wario small logo

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Mario With bowl On His Head

Mario with a bucket on his head

Wanda Flying

Wanda the Fairy



Wario In Airplane

Wario flying his plane after successfully landing a bucket on Mario.


Cover Art


Box Artwork

The Cover Art, minus the Nintendo, Title and Famicom logos


Game Box

The games front box cover.


Title Screen

The games title screen




Dodorigesu Jr

Dodorigesu Jr


A Guriguri accompanied by a miniature version


Tsubon firing what appears to be a Guriguri

Komorin Flying

Komorin, a flying bat enemy. Looks like Zubat from Pokemon.





Green Mushroom (1 Up) Super Mushroom

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