Mario Kart Arcade GP 2 (Arcade) Artwork including Karts and Character artworks
Rendered Artwork


Mario Coin


Kart pictures


Blinky Kart Bowser Kart
Donkey Kong Kart Luigi Kart
Mametchi Kart Mario Kart
Ms Pac Man Kart Pac Man Kart
Peach Kart Toad Kart
Wario Kart Yoshi Kart


Playable Character Pictures

Blinky Bowser
Blinky Bowser
Donkey Kong Scratching His Head Luigi
Donkey Kong Luigi
Matmetchi Walking Ms Pac Man
Matmetchi Ms Pac-man
Pac Man Winking Toad Waving
Pac Man Toad
Waluigi caressing his mustache Wario Showing Muscles
Waluigi Wario
Yoshi Standing  

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