Mario Teaches Typing 2 (PC)
PC: Mario Teaches Typing 2

Release dates

Australia N/A
Europe Unconfirmed
Japan Unconfirmed
N.America 1997


General information

Platform: Personal computer

Developed by Logicware, Inc.

Published by Interplay

Players: Single-player




Mario Teaches Typing 2 was an edutainment title released on the PC and MAC intended to teach the user how to type, but sprinkled on some Mario
to make the learning less sour.

The plot for Mario Teaches Typing 2 is that Mario and Luigi had been using a magical typewriter, with which they intended to destroy Bowser's castle by using it to cast a spell. Mario mistyped the spell and blew up the typewriter instead, now the brothers need to set about finding all of the pieces of the magical typewriter and putting it back together.

Once this task is performed Mario is able to type the phrase correctly and destroy Bowser's castle. A player can choose to take a placement test which will be rated on accuracy and speed or participate in lessons. There are other features in the second Mario Typing title such as the ability to produce customizable certificates of achievement, a colour coded on screen keyboard and the ability to customize lesson plans.

The voice of Mario in the voiceovers in this title is by Charles Martinet.


Click below to see a short introduction video for Mario Teaches Typing 2


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