Mario Kart power cup in Nintendo Power Vol. 96
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Mario Kart 64 power cup feature in Nintendo Power Magazine Vol. 96


Did you enter this competition back in May 1997?


Nintendo Power's Race for the Gold is under way! Entries for the drawing are whizzing in every day. A few of the fastest qualifiers are listed below. How did they go so low? Pit row is buzzing with rumours about a shortcut on the course. Find it and you might win a gold N64 Controller. To quality for the drawing, you must beat a minute and 30 seconds on Mario Raceway-- you'll find all the details on page 34 in the March issue of Nintendo Power.


One thousand lucky winners will be randomly drawn to win an exclusive, gold tone N64 Controller and another five thousand winners will get a limited edition, Nintendo Power Cup Calling Card good for five minutes of long-distance service. Enter before May 15th!



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