Knock knock... anyone here? Yep, we're not dead. Renovation at 75%
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Hey all,


Sorry its been a while since we've had an update. Myself and the rest of the team are working on renovating well... the entire site basically. And we are about 75% of the way through now. Any good writers who think you can help please drop me a mail. Also we are looking for a new forum manager - anyone who thinks they can make our forum into a hive of activity, please get in touch.


All of our official art galleries which have been broken for an eternity are now fixed and contain high res versions of everything. And our every game page in the Gameboy and Gameboy colour pages has been completely redone with loads of new info and videos featuring the plumbing elite that are Mario and Luigi.


We'll be back on top of bringing you the latest and greatest from the Marioverse as soon as possible (and I have loads of weird obscure Mario stuff I'd like to share when we get time too)


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Big thanks to our 13,935 followers to date. Promise we'll be active again soon in the mean time, a cool image I found on IMGUR highlighting the double standards of what makes you a hero and what makes you a villain in Nintendo world - good point bro!


Link catches a fairy and is a hero. Bowser catches a fairy and is a villain

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