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Super Mario is one exciting game that has caught the fancy of many folks for decades although many don't know any facts about this legendary video game character. Here are some unusual facts about the mustachioed man.

The supposed last cartridge

Originally, Super Mario Bros was meant to be the last cartridge game launched for the Nintendo Entertainment System console. 

They were planning to switch to a floppy disk-based system which was a prevailing success in Japan at the time with the Famicom console. However, this was eventually not the case as the popularity of Super Mario Bros resulted in the use of cartridges for another 20 years


Mario was bad

Mario whilst known by his original name Jumpman made his debut as a side character in the cult classic Donkey Kong that was created by Nintendo in 1981. In the game, Mario acted wickedly by mistreating his pet Donkey Kong resulting in the kidnap of his girlfriend by the ape.

Super Mario wasn't always known as Mario

In the early stages of the character's development by Nintendo, he was called Jumpman. The creator Shigeru Miyamoto also played with the idea of him being known as Mr. Video before he was finally called Mario. This name was in honor of the American landlord of Nintendo's warehouse.

Mario is not your regular plumber

Mario and Luigi are popularly known as the favorite plumbers in the Mushroom kingdom. However, Mario has changed careers in his time. 

It can be recalled that he's a carpenter in Donkey Kong, while he has also played the role of a medical physician, champion kart racer, an archeologist, golfing expert amongst others.

National Mario Day

Do you know that Mario has his day? Funny right? Well, 10 March is National Mario Day, and this day was chosen because when abbreviated to MAR10, it resembles his name. Epic! Nintendo celebrated MAR10 with Starlight Children's Foundation in a bid to design new Super Mario themed gowns for children in 2017.

Mario the Lover

It's no news that Princess Peach formerly known as Princess Toadstool is Mario's main girlfriend. However, before she joined the scene, Mario had a romantic relationship with a character called Lady who turned out to be Pauline.

It must be noted that she also makes an appearance in the Gameboy remake of Donkey Kong although she was friend-zoned by Mario. In 2013, Donkey Kong was hacked and the hacker created a version where Mario was saved by Pauline instead.

Mario and his cameo

It should be known amongst Mario enthusiasts, that the character has made countless appearances in other video games. One of the strangest cameos was in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 where a copy of the game titled Italian Plumber Princess Rescue can be found. The duo of Mario and Yoshi also make appearances in Metal Gear Solid and Legend of Zelda.

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