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Perry Martin


Episode 11 - Oh, Brother!

There has been heavy rain for over two weeks which keeps everyone in-doors. With someone's annoying habits in such close quarters it starts to take its toll on Mario and Luigi's nerves. Despite Toad and Princess Toadstool's warnings, an angry Luigi has had enough and stomps off into the rain. Mario goes out to look for him and suddenly ends up being captured by King Koopa and Kooky.


It turns out that they are the ones causing the bad weather with the Power Shower machine, hoping to flood Pipeworld and obtain all of the gold coins there. Ironically it turns out that they need a plumber to fix some busted pipes. Mario's full cooperation is ensured by Kooky's Lame Brainer helmet. It is up to Luigi to rescue Mario and stop the Koopas.


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