Spocon 2014 – Stitch For Stitch and Sans My Goomba
Spocon 2014

Peach, Daisy and Mario at Spocon 2014


An Introduction:

It’s a Mii… Daisy.
This convention marked the first time I appeared upon stage in a gown entirely created by myself and with myself. Cue the vintage Billy Idol music… “Cosplay with myself… duh duh duhn Cosplay with myself… When your Goomba moves and you still want geeky fun… you gotta cosplay with yourself?” (Syllabically that was not a proper type of re-do to that classic tune, yet… what do you want from me?) I am still lamenting about the superficial loss of my Goomba! For she is not gone from this earth merely moved from the conservative eastern side of Washington State. She now resides within the western very progressive free gathering berry side of the state in a small town akin to a video game featuring a Zombie takeover. Yes, it is true… she lives far from me and without any Yoshi to ride upon or Lakitu cloud to ride within… what is a girl to do? Well, I suppose what I did do… get lost in a city and lament silently and now overtly about such a change within my convention scene. I love me some Goomba is what I am saying! Could I make it any more obvious? Now on to serious business….

Thursday: Day 0

As we have established (I am we… wii?) My Spocon adventure was unique in that I was unaccompanied by my goomba and thus usual crew. (This would be my first in state convention without her presence.) Let us begin with Day 0… shall we? Indeed. Day 0 of this convention was the first anniversary of my Grandfather’s death so the day was heavy in a way I fail to describe and shan’t try. I went to the cemetery with my family prior to departing for the city of Spokane and I felt like relative rubbish. I snacked upon raisinette’s and gluten free cheesy crackers all the way to the Double Tree Hotel and just wished I could apparate to the area. I had to set up for an art show and well, I had cats! Yeah, yah, yes…si,si,si, Cats! Los Gatos! I brought cats with me to a science fiction and fantasy convention… because, why? Because I paint such and perhaps I need a friendly feline army with me… without my Goomba! Lyke right? Most indeed! There were dual sided postcards of original acrylics for the print shop and a wall of original acrylics upon recycled cardboard for the art flat area. I was most assuredly double wielding at this convention and creation was my purpose… well, I suppose that is always my purpose! Anywho, I attempted to set up as much as I could this first night and aside from some run ins with some unprofessionalism things went well. I was instructed to finish up in the morning and I pachawed internally because I intended to come back in the afternoon when I knew I would want to awaken. You see… I still had the bottom ruffle of the Daisy gown to insert. This required cutting and pinning and sewing, sewing, sewing… and removing the basting stitch might have helped things… but who has time for that?

Some of Danettes paintings.

My Paintings in Various Forms at the Spocon Art Show and Print Shop.


I left the downtown convention space near 10:30 p.m. and I became hopelessly lost almost instantly. (At this point the GPS might have been handy upon my phone… were it operating properly… or AT ALL!) I wound up at a park first and then in a residential area and finally… at a Community College (where I had once attended Kuro Neko con). I was cursing the city openly to my sister who lives 20 minutes away. While I was supposed to stay with her mishap after migraine inducing mishap occurred which allowed me to reside in a small town between where she lives and Spokane. So… on the Eve of Spocon Day 0… where was Danette? Well, she was in a room feasting upon an organic gluten free burrito cutting and pinning a ruffle into her Daisy dress… where were you?

Friday: Day 1

After staying up until approximately 4:00 a.m. doing dress things and feasting in a gluten free manner… day 1 arrived earlier than I would have liked and while I requested a later checkout than 11 (so that I may sew in the final ruffle) I was informed that was an impossibility. I was irritated entirely. Why? Because I didn’t even remember to bring a fork! Well, why would I have? I was supposed to stay with my sister and she had all the utensils I should need. I was in a small room with a cooler 3 frozen meals and no fork. I quickly hated everything and showered to love the day once more. It did not work entirely… until the same hotel staff member who formerly rejected my request… reassured me of the ease I would have finding the convention space. (Yes, the space I had been to merely the night prior). I was thrilled. I was tired of being entirely lost in a rather unpopulated city. This staff woman at the small hotel gave excellent instruction and I soundly arrived at the space hosting the convention, the Double tree hotel in downtown Spokane. I was nervous and wearing my Straight Outta Comicon shirt which I had modified to fit the form of a female much better than it had initially. Well, what do you know… A lovely Matt McInnis man from the comedy duo Straight Outta Comicon dawning delightfully dorky Mario themed shoes (pictured below) was essentially my hero throughout the weekend! As soon as I opened the doors to the convention I practically peered his peepers and well, he single handedly saved my convention experience entirely by being amazingly himself and hilariously funny. So… that is where we shall begin… or… wait… let us go back to the beginning shall we? In honor of how much Matt does not prefer origin stories?

Two Shoes, Matt Keck entirely not pictured

One Part of SOCC… Two Shoes. (Matt Keck entirely not pictured.)


I was first acquainted with Matt McInnis during Spocon 2012. He was a stand-up sonic comic with a Mario partner and soundman and I was a solemn Peach with a goomba buddy and crew of family and friends. His friendly demeanor was engaging and his aunt’s name was Danette, so that was muy interesante. Rarely did I meet anyone who had any experience with anyone who shared my name. It was an intriguing bit of information (I was once kicked out of a facebook group named “Hi My Name is Danette” for sort of trolling what I called “fun Danette facts” Example: No Danette has ever died from an infected Chinchilla scratch.) Anywho, I promised to attend his show and I only made it with enough time to see him destroy a bit of an ornate glass light fixture within the Double Tree hotel when he ripped off a bit of his costume and gleefully tossed it within the air as though Mary Tyler Moore with a beret. I thoroughly enjoyed the serenity within the chaotic scene and I have been a faithful fan ever since.

I get nervous anytime I am in a space without friendly faces and literally five steps into the convention I view Matt McInnis’ ethereal elf skin and am instantaneously comforted within the familiarity of him. He proved to be a questing companion for the duration of the convention!

Spocon differs from any other convention I have attended in that their programming guide is not in a blocked format but a didactic list. Perhaps the literary crowd prefers this, yet… it is difficult for myself to follow or locate events as quickly as other conventions and I would actually recommend there be some sort of amendment to this design, please? Right away I noticed there was much less cosplay than at other conventions I have attended and my drive to photograph on dia uno was minimal. I decided to do the bulk of my photography during dia dos when I was behind the scenes and participating within the Masquerade (cosplay contest). The scared inner Jigglypuff cosplayer in me took only this photograph on Day 1! Ha… I got ‘em!

Amagad Team Rocket are at the con

Rockets: the Relentless Team


This day ended with myself in an audience for a one man stage performance from comedian Matt McInnis. Within the crowd of people was not only an ardent hentai fan but a youngling named Gabe who I meant to photograph with his new favorite geek funnyman! Young blonde Gabe appeared at this show and was faithfully present at Matt McInnis’ panels. It was rather adorable and yes, I failed to snap a proper memory so… um.. may I use a new life and try again?


Saturday: Day 2

This was the day with Dicks and cheese quests and make-up blunders and costumes galore. I awoke nightmare free and in need of energy. After consuming fruit and huevos con vegetables I had some hand sewing to do. Yes, I finished my gown so last minute… I am surprised I had a gown at all to wear! Sew… after stressing about potentially not finishing in time… the time was upon me. I had to suit up and get ready for judgment. This is where I heard the angelic voice of a hero and a killer and witnessed turtles with odd antics and fell in love with a dragon!

A tubular vocalistTwo lady turtles

A Tubular Vocalist and Two Lady Turtles.


A Queen and Two Differing Dragons.

My Queen Khaleesi saved me when she informed me… (the tomboy Daisy) that makeup was part of my judgment. I quickly rushed to get my war paint and lost a vintage glove in the process. Yes, Daisy lost Peach’s glove! Wartime for cousins? Hmmm… Peach is the winner!

So, there I sat in a corner of a room with a basting stitch in my ruffles applying foundation, eyeshadow, powder, mascara… how odd. How freaking odd! A warrior does not prepare in such a manner in front of her combatants! Yeah, I was thrown off! I was entirely out of my element with the lack of consideration that makeup was necessary in judging the craftspersonship of my costume. I was further thrown off when the judges sat and ridiculed the karaoke they heard some rooms away while I stood in front of them. For every one professional male judge there are three female judges willing to speak solely of music I have nothing to do with? Let me just say… er… type… I was put off entirely by the judging process and I sorta wished I hadn’t endured it at all. I wished I had kept the makeup off so the cheese quest could begin sooner and so my mind would be clear of apathetic costumers. While other individuals spoke to the judges for many minutes I seemed finished within seconds. Perhaps my perception was skewed or my debut gown accompanied with my Master’s level performance skill was a discrepancy which was disasterous? Regardless, the judging process during the Masquerade felt horrible and I wish I would have forgone the process! Okay, onward to Bagfuls of Dicks and the cheese quest?

The down time between rehearsal and show time was minimal yet about an hour was allotted for food and such. In that time I went to a hamburger stand which originally opened in 1965 called Dicks Hamburgers.

Dicks hamburgers

The Backside of The Sign… (but the front was cuter!)


Their fried taters were gloriously potato tasting and I hope their vanilla milkshake was made of high quality frozen stuff because it had a delicious taste. I secured a picnic table and watched birds and got my hand in some bird poo but that did not stop me from enjoying the time spent with my questing partner Matt McInnis. The oddly mean Seagull however… that bird was far too acclimated to human food to be any sort of bird I would like to be around for more than a few moments. He bullied and menaced and it was disturbing.

Snow White BirdScuttle Bird Meanie

A Snow White style bird plus a Scuttle type of Meanie…


Upon the walk back to the hotel, Matt was insistent upon finding a piece of street cheese. What is street cheese you may ask? Well, I may answer with the following: It is processed cheese food placed upon a small outdoor alcove for an extended period of time. Sort of like art? Sort of like the only place such cheese truly belongs?! A plastic wrapped piece of cheese was spotted by the SOCC crew during their stint in the city in 2012 and for two years Matt McInnis and company had wondered about the cheese. It turns out there were remnants but no actual artifact. Hm… kinda makes me want to go place some cheese in that spot the next time I am in the area. Perhaps the best part of the cheese was the impromptu museum style label which was sort of still present. The sharpie markings had insisted that the article had been present for over one year when it had been initially happened upon. All that currently remains are square and scribbled inklings….

Remnants of Cheese… Urban Archaeology?


I arrived back to the convention with time to become Daisy and to sit in a waiting area with other Masquerade performers. Thusly, I took this time to photograph some people and meet some friendly voices behind the faces and costumes and fur. My favorite cosplayer I ever have met at this Spocon and last (2012) would be this furry Jennifer right here. She is so adorable… and talented. She created her own eyes and articulated head piece. I was thrilled to witness the drinking of water in a plastic cup and straw. I am delighted by odd things? Oh, maybe… I am chronically cold so you see… I am possibly a #NotSoSecretFurry!

Aiden of the Cat Guard 3

Aiden of the Cat Guard 2Aiden of the Cat Guard 1

Aiden of the Cat Guard.


Jennifer was not the only pleasure to meet backstage; here are additional photos of cosplayers from behind the black veiled curtains of Spocon’s Masquerade. Included is: Ash and his Adventure Time Tattoo. A steampunk blacksmith with a propensity for handing candy to Princesses. Gaming She-Ra wielding not only a sword but an app upon her phone which enabled golfing game play! Yeah… some attractive ladies like to game, don’t judge a cartoon princess of power by her skirt length? Also, a League of Legends man who liked to place his boots upon chairs whilst waiting.

Ash KetchumFionna Tattoo

Ash and His Ink Captured Fionna

A BlacksmithA Princess

A Black Smith, A Princess…


The Masquerade was fun to participate within and footage of the entirety of the event can be found on Youtube, so… check that out! During the intermission of the contest I was awarded a third place prize for a flash fiction Science Fiction story I submitted to the convention and that was a fun experience. I highly recommend participation within conventions. If you must go and be that normal person that one time… that is one thing. If you feel the community vibe of geek and go back a second time, please participate all you are able because well, I am commanding you so and… it is much more fun that-a-way!


Sunday: Day 3

Like all final days of conventions… THIS WAS THE FINAL DAY OF THE CONVENTION. I kept asking myself questions and lamenting about things other than my goomba! Why didn’t I photograph more? Where were the interviews I coulda done? Why not take more active notes? Aside from beating myself up momentarily in a mental way… I had sadness within my heart because after Gabe was present to view Matt McInnis’ final Spocon event (as the MC of Iron Fan…) he disappeared solidifying the fact I would not be able to take a photo of he and Sir McInnis. Dern… Darn… grumph. Blah…! The blonde boy and the brown haired comedy man memories would exist only within a few collective minds and not within a still frame… to share… on the internet… all due to my inability to photograph things when the opportunity presented itself time and time and time again. I had to let it go and I probably did after momentarily meeting Jim Henson’s nephew during a moment of waiting for a car chariot of food rescue to arrive. Yes! Wait, what? Yeah, here is his sweet tattoo and believe you me… I love Kermit in my heart and soul! Rest peacefully creator of such such greatness… I heart Jim Henson!

A tribute tattoo to Jim Henson

Homage Art to An Uncle


Next came the healing process of leaving the venue and traveling to the Northtown Mall and The Mustard Seed Asian cuisine eatery located within the establishment. As peach, and rather nervous… I was accompanied by a comedian who doesn’t like veggies, a Canadian who loves Poutine and his delightful anime convention attending girlfriend from a place with glow in the dark fish! : P These individuals rescued me from my hunger and the Canadian male drove a sweet sweet vehicular chariot to deliver me to a place with proper gluten free Asian cuisine! I wanted to glomp but I refrained into relative silence… yet, ya’ll were my heroes and I then lamented about not photographing you… in my mind of course (now online)!

Matt McInnis, my relative partner in convention non crime had to board a plane soon (after this meal) and my spirits swooped down enough for me to write some poetry upon a cushy chair in a corridor. At that time a person with a similar notebook as myself approached and I enthusiastically encouraged this seventeen year old fellow to continue performing. I had witnessed his introduction on stage and he had nearly witnessed mine. It is always nice to catch up with old friends and give them and their girlfriend’s postcards of cats. I hobbled around as Peach until closing ceremonies and then I left the convention. While preparing to depart I spoke with a few final people and took a few photographs and this is what we have here:

A Grin and a Masochistic anti-hero?

A lightsabre duel

Welp, Ruh Roh Chibi Vader Look Out?! He gots 2 lights to ur 1! Mr. Rogers and Ms. Blake Crossplay Link


A few of my favorite things? (Aside from all of the other memories listed above?) Black Widow and the way she sang! Another one of my favorite memories was young crossplaying Thor who didn’t want to smile because Thor does not smile. Maybe the most adorable cosplayer in attendance! Way to stay in character. Finally, we have some professionally done prosthetic zombie makeup displayed during closing ceremonies.

Widow Diva, Chibi Thor, Professional Zombie

A Widow Diva, A Chibi Thor, A Professional Zombie


This convention was a good one yet phenotypic diversity was somewhat uncommon and cosplay was not too heavy. If you have pigmentation within your person and an affinity for cosplay and are within the Spokane area… I recommend you attend. This convention needs you… and honestly… as a phenotypic white reservation dweller, if I am not outnumbered (pigmently) by a ratio of 9:1 I sorta don’t always know what to do with miiself.

In Summary:
Daisy debuted at this convention and she had a fabulous time. She wished she could have located her Luigi hat but alas… only Mario was to be found! She decided to wear that hat because she very obviously wishes to be Luigi’s partner in things yet if she were his partner they would have to negate the former mission statement of Princess rescuing! If I were to rate Spocon as a convention and compare it with other conventions it would receive a 7 out of 10 mushroom rating. This next year should be even better as growth is expected. What started out as a small convention located upon Gonzaga University’s campus is now a centerpiece within the city of Spokane.


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