Star Rod Hijinxs

Story originally submitted to Super Mario Portal on March 15th, 2004 by warr220

Chapter 1


you all know the paper mario story, right? Well, Bowser is planning to steal the star rod again!

At Star Haven, bowser was planning to get the star rod and, once again, become invincible and beat Mario! but there is a twist... Bowser also wants to take over beanbean kingdom as well as the mushroom kingdom.

Bowser: everyone is sleeping.... good.

Koopatrol: yes

Magikoopa: uhhhh, not everyone sir...

Bowser: quiet! here's the plan

several minutes later.....

Bowser,all the koopatrols, and all the magikoopas are gathered around star haven.

Bowser: ATTACK!!!

Bowser releases a huge flame on star haven, the koopatrols charge up, the attack, the magikoopas are lifting huge chunks out of the ground and are smashing them into star haven. Screaming is heard as stars run for their lives.

Bowser finds the star rod somewhere and uses it again and teleports back to his castle with his allies using the star rod before the 7 star spirits can get there.

See what happens in pt 2...


Chapter 2

when we left off, bowser had stolen the star rod and was at his castle...

Bowser: yes! i have the star rod again!mwahahaha!
Magikoopa: uh..bowser?
Bowser: yes?
Magikoopa: the goombas have had a good idea. mabye we should take over beanbean kingdom first, as they are weak from after cackeltta took over.
Bowser: hmmm....... tell the goombas that is not bad thinking! all right, we will take over beanbean kingdom then mushroom kingdom! mario has not seen the last of me!

Meanwhile, mario and luigi are eating dinner when eldstar pops in front of them. both bros fall over and then get back up.
Mario: hey, long time no see.
Luigi: what is it?
Eldstar:(ignoring luigi) its terrible! bowser has yet again stolen our star rod, and has left star haven in ruins!
Mario swore, but Luigi said: What is star haven?
Mario: i will explain on the way to peaches castle, come on!
Eldstar:be careful!
Luigi: mario, what was that, the star rod, and what is star haven?
Mario quickly relays the information to luigi.
Luigi: woah! that is terrible!
Mario: yes. we need to inform peach!
Mario and Luigi arrive at the castle. They run into the great hall and quickly relay to peach what eldstar told them.
Peach was in shock: that's terrible!
Mario: yes, but wh-....
He is intterrupted by a beanbean soldier carrying the gba thing.
Hologram Beanbean: HELP! Bowser has attacked our land with an unimmagionable destructive force of power! please help us!!!
Mario, Luigi, and Peach:(gasp)
Mario: we have to stop bowser!
Peach: wait...

What could peach want? Will they stop bowser in time? find out in part 3!!!

Chapter 3

when we left off, Mario and Luigi were going to the beanbean kingdom to stop bowser when peach told him to wait.

Peach: take this.
Mario: what is it?
Peach: it is my trunk. i found the other one on shooting star summit. it will be useful when i need to give you something important!
Mario+Luigi: thanx!
Peach: now be careful

Mario and Luigi ride Peach's plane to Beanbean Kingdom and are horrified at what they see. Towns and villages were splattered on the ground and debris was everythere. But, suprisingly, there were no people around.
Mario: where is everyone?
Luigi: mama mia, this is a big mess!
Mario: musta been a hard time here!
Luigi: ya think?
Mario: lets find survivors.
Mario and Luigi get out of the plane at the nearest wrecked airport and look for visitors. They find a secret tunnel and go in it. Mario and Luigi are walking along the tunnel when they see Lady Lima.
Lady Lima: Mario and uhhhhh....Mr.Green! Thank goodness you are here!
Lady Lima: this is but one of our secret tunnels. we have about 200 spread out there. we have only myself and queen bean in this one. we thought this would be a good method of hiding from bowser(goes into a rant about how bowser destroyed their town, it goes on for hours and mario and luigi are asleep when she says "you got that?")
Mario+Luigi: yes.
Lady Lima: then go out and get bowser, but be warned, cackeltta has joined forces with him!
Lady Lima: Here we go!!!

What horrors will bowser and cackeltta have for our heros? will i ever capitalize any thing i write? find out in the next part!

Chapter 4

when we left, mario and luigi had found 1 out of hundreds of secret tunnels in the beanbean kingdom and had found lady lima and queen bean, who told them that bowser and cackletta were allies. mario and luigi left the tunnel and started their new adventure.

mario: where do you think bowser would be?
luigi: dunno
mario and luigi then hear a boom and see an explosion in the nearest forest. both run over there and see Roy.
Roy: whoho the two mario bros wont bowser and cackletta be pleased when i beat them!

Mario throws the nearest rock at roy, which hits him in the head. luigi and mario do the bounce bros technique. roy fires a fireball, burning mario and luigi
mario: i need to find a mushroom!
mario finds a nut.
mario: this is better!
mario and luigi both eat the nut and recover a bit, enough to execute a splash bros. on roy's head.
roy: ouch!!
roy starts to change colors and then burns everything in front of him. mario finds a rock and uses it as a hammer to knock luigi into the ground, preparing for a chopper bros. luigi is in the ground, mario jumps in the air, and both completely miss the attack. when mario is above luigi, luigi jumps out in front of roy, sending mario into the air, then mario starts smacking roy in the head in a tight spiral using the rock.
mario and luigi: whew
then a tunnel opens up, and it turns out to be another 3 beanbean people, who have set up a shop down there. mario and luigi buy 2 hammers, some items, and two bean badges, say goodbye, and head back to the plane to get more stuff from mushroom kingdom. but when they get to the plane, it is destroyed!
mario and luigi start to go gaga. when they come to their senses, thy realize that they are now in a surviving contest!

what will happen next? find out in pt 5!

Chapter 5

when we left, mario and luigi had just defeated roy when they had found peach's plane wrecked!

In Bowser's Castle........

bowser: well, cackletta, have you found the place ok?
cackletta: its to my liking.
goomba squad #1: bowser, we have just recieved information that roy koopa has just been defeated!
bowser: WHAT!
goomba squad #2: but dont worry bowser, we have destroyed their plane to ensure they can never get off this island!
bowser:.......ok, very well. now lets have lunch!
goomba squad #3: but bowser, do you wanna see our suprise?
bowser: uhhhhh...ok
goomba squads #1,2, and 3: here it is!!!
*bowser is completely paralyzed at what he sees*
me: what could this be? we cant tell you yet! it wouldn't be a suprise!

*we go to where mario and luigi are walking through what used to be beanbean town in search of any items that might be of use, but none exist there anymore*

mario: what was roy doing here?
luigi: i dunno, but i have a hunch that the other 6 koopa kids will be wandering around here.
mario: you may be right.
luigi: wait, i heard something!!!

*they both hear something shake, then iggy comes out of the nearest pile of rubble. iggy looks really weak. he falls to the ground and gets back up again. but then bowser and his castle land somewhere nearby and iggy runs to it. then out comes the goomba's suprise!!! get prepared for one hell of a battle!

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