Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64) Guide & Video Walkthrough
Super Mario 64 Walkthrough

Super Mario 64 Retro Guide

A guide by Benni Castellanos Ruiz. Jump into action, Mario needs all your help to rescue Princess Peach, Its been long enough since you helped him but this time the adventure is bigger and in 3d! The perfect n64 controller makes this game a total breeze, seeing Mario for the first time in a fully open 3d world makes Mario 64 one of the greatest games of all times and the fluid control helps that statement be as truthful as possible.



The controller:

Move with the stick. The camera moves around Mario and the stick will move Mario to wherever you can see he is moving. Directions are not fixed and Mario will move to where you move the stick no matter where the camera points.

Jump with the A Button. Swim with the A Button. You can jump three times and each jump will go further and higher than the last one. The A Button is used in combination with other buttons to make neat effects. If you press the Z Button and the A Button as you run, you will jump forward, if you press the A Button and then the Z Button you will pound the ground, if you press the A button and then the B Button you will dash forward or kick.

Attack with the B Button, this punch will finish most enemies, keep tapping B to perform a special Combo. The B Button will do most things like carrying shells, blocks, pressing things and the like. Press the Z button while running and then B to perform a Cool Slide.

The C-unit buttons will move the camera around Mario, if you cant move it anymore it will buzz.

The R button will change between the camera modes, Mario mode will follow Mario, no matter what. The Lakitu mode will give you the best scene possible, even if Mario is not centered on the screen. If you pause you can change between the Mario mode and the Fixed mode. If you have it to fixed pressing and holding R will make the camera stop at the given location and it will stay there despite how far you go.

The red button, Start, will pause the game and will well, start it too.


The game itself:
The game is really simple and that makes it fun. It has a bit of a learning curve up so be ready for some frustration, but there are enough lives scattered throughout the world for you to pick up, don’t worry. We are going to go through all the levels and give you pointers on how to get the stars, getting them is up to you, champ. We will provide a challenge for each level, complete it just for fun!


Some pointers:
Throughout each level there are eight red coins. Grab them all and you will get a star on the star maker. The star maker is a shadowy star which floats somewhere on the level. It will always spawn the star once you get the eight red coins. Also, remember there are 100 coins on every level, grab them all and the star will pop out, keep in mind that you won’t quit the level if you save after getting the 100 coins star.

There are three switches which will give you access to special caps that give Mario some power ups. You can return to the level after pressing the switch so you can get the star.


Level 1: Bob-omb battlefield:
Challenge: Get Star 5 without using the winged cap!


Star 1: Big Bob-omb on the summit
After landing on the battlefield follow the rocky path and cross the bridge close to the chained chomp, go up through the mountain and you will find the Big Bob-omb, grab it and toss it three times to get the star.

Star 2: Footrace with Koopa the quick
Koopa the Quick will be there after you beat the big bob-omb, it will challenge you to a race! Follow the rocky road again to get to the top of the summit and you will get that gold medal, err, the star.

Star 3: Shoot to the island on the sky
The pink Bob-ombs will gladly activate the cannons for you. Right before the chained chomp there is a cannon, point it up to get to the island on the sky and once you are there a yellow “!” block will have your star.

Star 4: Find the eight red coins (100 coins star)

Star 5: Mario wings to the sky
You may need to get this star later on the game, right after you push the red switch. Get to the floating island and grab a winged cap, jump into the cannon and point to the ring of coins, you will fly and pass through the five special spots, the star will appear nearby the star maker on this level.

Star 6: Behind Chain chomps Gate.
Free the chained chomp!! Get through the rocky road until you see the chomp. Pound ground the trunk to which is it attached to set it free, it will break the prison free so you can grab the star.


Level 2: Whomp’s fortress
Challenge: Don’t activate the cannon on this level and grab all stars!

Star 1: Chip off Whomp’s block
This place is small! Follow up the gray bricks and climb the fortress. Be careful of the piranha plants, go really slowly nearby them or they will wake up and bite you. After climbing the fortress Whomp will be there, wait for him to pound the ground and then ground pound on him. Three hits and he will give you his star.


Star 2: To the top of the fortress
Go where Whomp was, a tower Is now there to remember your encounter. On the top of that tower there is a star, go grab it.


Star 3: Shoot into the wild blue
There is a pink bob-omb here, talk to it and it will activate the cannon for you. Shoot to the pole on the left side of the fortress and climb it down. The star is there for you to grab it.

Star 4: Red Coins on the floating isle (100 coins)
On the top of the fortress there will be a plank, make sure to kick it so you gain access to the floating isles.

Star 5: Fall onto the caged island
Climb the tree that is right where the level starts. An owl will come out. Hold onto its feet and watch your shadow, you will see a caged island with a star, drop into it and get that star.

Star 6: Blast away the Wall
Get in the cannon and point to the right side of the fortress, there is a moving bridge, the one nearby the sleeping piranha plant, point to the right end and destroy the wall, then go back to the cannon to get the star that was hidden there before!


Level 3: Jolly Roger Bay
Challenge: Don’t use any special caps on this level!

Star 1: Plunder in the sunken ship
Dip down into the bay and find the sunken ship after swimming forward from where you start. You will see an eel coming out of it. Wait for it to follow you and then get inside the sunken ship. There will be four chests, get the one on the north first, then the one on west, then the one on east and finally the south one, the water level will go down and you will be able to grab that star.

Star 2: Can the eel come out to play?
Go where the sunken ship was, a ship will be there… obviously, well, on the walls our trusty friend the Eel found a new home. Go and tease it so it comes out to follow you, there will be a star on its tail, touch it and its all yours.

Star 3: Treasure in the ocean cave
Lets return to where that ship is, under water there will be a passageway with coin rings, follow that mysterious passageway to get into the ocean cave, beware of the falling pillars, as you come through the cave you will find four chests, just like the ones inside the ship, touch them in the same order and you will get your star.

Star 4: Red coins on the ship afloat (100 coins)
Don’t forget the blue coin switch on the ocean cave.

Star 5: Blast to the stone pillar
There is a friendly pink bob-omb that will kindly activate the cannon for you. Ride it, point to the stone pillar on the left, then jump and pop out the “!” yellow block, you will get your star (and a 1-up).

Star 6: Through the jet Stream
You may need to get the green switch pressed before grabbing this star. There is a green block close to the place where the ship is, get the metal cap and drop yourself right where the ship used to be, you will find a star on the jet stream there, go grab it!


Mario races a penguin down Cool Cool mountain

Level 4: Cool, Cool Mountain
Challenge: Grab all stars without activating the cannon!

Star 1: Slip Slidin’ away
As you land on this chilly land jump and get into the cabin, there is a looooong slide waiting for you, ride the super fun slide and after you exit the cabin you will find the star.

Star 2: Li’l penguin lost
There is an annoying cute penguin above the cabin at the beginning on the level, grab him and follow the slides outside of the level until you get to the cabin where you found the first star. There is a penguin mama there waiting for the penguin you are grabbing. Give it to her and she will give you a star.

Star 3: Big Penguin race
Enter the cabin again, a huge penguin will challenge you to a race on the super fun slide, beat him and he will give you a gold medal, a star!

Star 4: Frosty slide for 8 red coins (100 coins)
Try to hold onto all the coins on the super fun slide to get the 100 coins, but try to not get the last coin on the slide or you will have to return inside to get it.

Star 5: Snowman lost his head
As you start the level, go to where you grabbed the li’l penguin, slide to the left and you will find a little snowball, talk to it and then slide through the level. You will find a huge snowman head which needs a body. The snowball makes a perfect body as it grows huge, just make sure to slam into the snowman’s head so the body slides perfectly underneath it. Once they are together they will give you a star to keep yourself warm.

Star 6: Wall kicks will work
This is tricky, talk to the pink bob-omb so you activate the cannon. Ride it and shoot into the tree, follow the path, do some ninja wall kicking magic and then walk through the ice bridge to get the star.


Level 5: Big Boo’s haunt
Challenge: Don’t kick any book to get all the stars!

Star 1: Go on a ghost hunt
Get inside that huge mansion and get into the doors, slay the boos sneaking from behind while they are visible, once you are done with all the rooms the big boo will appear, three hits will finish him and the star will appear.

Star 2: Ride Big Boo’s merry-go-round
As you land on the level go to the left, there will be a cabin, enter it and ignore the eye, ride the elevator down and follow the music, there will be a merry go round with happy music! Boos are awaiting for you, finish them off, beware of the flame. The big boo will come back for a rematch, defeat him and grab your star!

Star 3: Secret of the haunted books
This star is surely interesting, There is a room on the second floor of the mansion, it’s a nice library with a long corridor, follow it and kick the books the top one first, then the right and lastly the left, a secret door will open and the star will be yours.

Star 4: Seek the 8 red coins (100 coins)

Star 5: Big boo’s balcony
The last match vs. big boo will take place on top of the mansion, go to the second floor and get inside the room on the far right, right where the floor flips, kick the walls to get to the third level of the mansion, pass through the blue coins switch and go out. The big boo awaits for its final match, beat him and get the star, that will be on the top of the mansion.

Star 6: Eye to eye in the secret room
You will need the blue switch pressed before getting this star. Get the blue cap on the second level of the mansion and then go to the third level of the mansion, there will be a wall with a giant shy boo on it, go through that wall and a huge eye will appear, walk around it quickly and after being defeated you will get another star!



Mario in Hazy Maze Cave


Level 6: Hazy Maze cave
Challenge: Get all stars without using any special cap!

Star 1: Swimming beast in the cavern
Follow the path on the left, avoid the falling rocks and go down the elevator. Slide to the lake and you will find a gentle beast, ride it and ground pound on its back, ride its head and then go to the center of the cavern, theres an island, jump and grab the star.

Star 2: Elevate for 8 red coins (100 coins)
Remember that eyes will give you 5 coins after defeating them. There is a blue switch on the toxic maze with many coins.

Star 3: Metal-head Mario can move
You may need to press the green switch before getting this star. Go to the cavern, following the path on the left. There will be a green cap block, get the green cap and run into the lake, follow the path on the ground until you find a huge “!” switch on the ground, press it and enter the gates that will open, there is a star at the end of that passage.

Star 4: Navigating the toxic maze
Let’s return to the place where we grabbed the red coins (the right path) and enter the first door on the left, the toxic maze lies down there, go through the maze and find the second ledge (the one without the marks on it) climb it and enter the door so you can get your star.

Star 5: A-maze-ing emergency exit
Back into the toxic maze! Remember we mentioned that there is a blue coin switch on the toxic maze? Pound on it and follow the coin path. Enter the ledge where the coin path ends and you will come to the emergency exit, climb through the ceiling and get that emergency star.

Star 6: Watch for falling rocks
Follow the path on the left, before you enter the door, right after the falling rocks, do a wall kick and go up. There will be a star on the right platform, grab it.


Level 7: Lethal lava Land
Challenge: Grab all stars without stepping in any log.

Star 1: Boil the big Bully
This place surely is hot, so lets get on with it. Follow the path to avoid the lava and eventually you will come to a puzzle, the puzzle its solving and shuffling itself, keep moving forward and ride the cage to get where the big bully is. Bully him out of this platform to get the star.

Star 2: Bully the bullies
Go where you defeated the big bully and ride the cage again, you will see a platform with three bullies, beat them and a big bully will appear, beat that bully and grab your star.

Star 3: 8-coin puzzle with 15 pieces

Star 4: Red-Hot log rolling
Follow the path and instead of going to the left, right where the eye is, go to the right and find yourself another floating cage, step into it and get to where the log is. Step onto the log and make it move forward, you will see the star after a few steps.

Star 5: Hoot Foot-it into the Volcano
Get inside the volcano, follow the path running and you will come to the star on top of it.

Star 6: Inside the volcano (100 coins)
Get inside the volcano, after grabbing all the coins outside and get the elevator right as you enter the volcano. Follow the path and you will find yourself a nice star.


Mario on a Pyramid in Shifting Sand Land


Level 8: Shifting sand Land
Challenge: Grab all stars without using the winged cap or the cannons.

Star 1: In the Talons of the big Bird
Go through the path and walk through the little bridges. You will come to a place with an oasis, get on top of one of the huge pillars nearby and whack the big bird with a nice kick, the star will be down for you to grab it.

Star 2: Shining atop the Pyramid
Lets return to this place but go further, you will find a way to the pyramid don’t get inside but go around it, avoid the fly guy flames and right on top of the pyramid you will find your star.

Star 3: Inside the ancient Pyramid
Once again, go to the pyramid but get inside of it. Follow the path and climb to the top, theres a shiny star, waiting for you.

Star 4: Stand tall on the Four Pillars
Lets go to where the pillars are, surrounding the pyramid. Step once into each and the top of the pyramid will come out, wow… now get inside and go down for a hand-to-hand match vs. the hand bosses, beat them and grab your star.

Star 5: Free Flying for 8 red Coins
You may need to activate the cannon and use the winged cap to get this star. Get the winged cap at the start of the level and then fly to where the bridges are, the cannon is there, shoot yourself into the sky to grab the coins.

Star 6: Pyramid Puzzle (100 coins)
Enter the pyramid and locate the special spots, go to where you found the third star on this level and climb down, there are three ledges with special spots there (marked with coins) then fall into the moving sand bridge and there are two more there, the star is right at the end of the bridge.


Level 9: Dire, Dire docks
Challenge: Try to get the 4th star without using the metal cap.

Star 1: Board Bowser’s Sub
Well, uhm, that… dive in to the floor of the level and follow the coin rings into the other part of the level, there will be a huge sub. You can get to the sub directly on the back of it or activate the huge “!” red switch to make a bridge of blocks to it, ride it and get your star.

Star 2: Chests in the current
This is a mean star, but its not hard to obtain. Dive into the first part of the level and open the chests in the right order, the last one is the one that is closest to the whirlpool, after you get the first one, get the one on the right, then the one on the right.

Star 3: Pole-jumping for red coins (100 coins)

Star 4: Through the Jetstream
You may need the metal cap for this star. Right under where the submarine was there will be a jet stream, blue huge rings will come out, wait for five to come and then grab that metal cap to get the star.

Star 5: The Manta Ray’s reward
Find Ray, The Manta on the first section of the level. Follow the rings it leaves as it swims forward and get your star.

Star 6: Collect the caps
You will need the blue switch and green switch pressed to get this star. Go to where Bowsers’ sub was and find a blue “!” block with a vanishing cap, there will also be a green “!” block with a metal cap, grab them both to combine their powers and jump inside the water, there will be a cage at the bottom you can go through with the vanishing cap in order to get the star that is inside of it.


Mario at the Snowmans Head


Level 10: Snowman’s Land
Challenge: There is supposed to be a cannon on this level, don’t activate it.

Star 1: Snowman’s Big Head
Chilly, indeed, as you land on the level head to the right and follow the path, you will find a “mountain maker”, beat it with a triple jump and climb on top of the huge snowman. Use the penguin to avoid its blasting wind blows to find a star on top of the snowman’s head.

Star 2: Chill with the Bully
Remember we met with an icy bully as we went through the road to get to the huge snowman? Well lets go and defeat the icy bully to get a star.

Star 3: In the Deep Freeze
There is a huge ice structure on the left as you start the level, get inside of it and solve the path to get the star inside.

Star 4: Whirl from the Freezing Pond
Lets go to where the mountain maker is and wait for the nice Spindrift (that’s the name of the flower-like monsters) to be there and jump to it, fly forward and you will find two “!” yellow blocks, one has a star, take it!

Star 5: Shell Shredding for red coins

Star 6: Into the Igloo (100 coins)
You may want to get the blue switch pressed to get this star. On the right side of the freezing pond there is a little slope, use a Spindrift to get there and climb it, on top of it there is an igloo, get inside and grab the star.


Mario in the Downtown Area of Wet Dry World


Level 11: Wet-Dry world
Challenge: Don’t activate the cannon to get to downtown.

Star 1: Shocking arrow lifts!
As you start the level swim to the left. You will eventually find a group of arrows. Use them to get to the yellow “!” block where the star is.

Star 2: Top o’ the town
Try to enter the level with the highest water level possible, jump as high as you can when you enter the painting, swim to the left and climb on the structures to get to the highest place on the town, follow the bridge, be extra careful to not fall and then get the star on the top of the town, don’t forget to talk to the pink bob-omb while you are here, in case you need the cannon later on.

Star 3: Secrets in the Shallows & Sky
There are 5 secrets scattered around the level, One is behind a block you can push that is on the bottom of the level, the next one is on the yellow “!” block which is above the block you just pushed, Press the block that is where the Chuckyas are (the guys who can toss you into the sky and need to wind up ) there is one on the yellow “!” block on the top of the structure where you are standing, there is other on the yellow “!” block on top of the cage and finally there is one on the island with the bob-ombs.

Star 4: Express Elevator – Hurry Up!
This one is fun, make sure to enter with the lowest water level possible, then get to the top of the level, right where the cage is and you will see a star, press the huge “!” red switch and drop yourself with the elevator, quickly get into the cage and jump back in the elevator, it will elevate you so you can get the star.

Star 5: Go to Town for Red Coins (100 coins)
Go and find the cannon and shoot yourself to the other part of the level, you will go to the town, all the coins are hidden downtown.

Star 6: Quick race Through downtown
Return to the town and lower the water level, find the blue “!” block and get the vanishing cap, quickly run to the cage and then use wall kicks, after the vanishing cap effect disappears, to get that nice star.


Mario going for a red coin on Tall Tall Mountain


Level 12: Tall, Tall Mountain
Challenge: On star 4, don’t go through the super fun slide.
Next to the place where you enter the super fun slide there is a cloud that will blow you away along with your cap. To recover it you have to re-enter the level and find the monkey next to the waterfall, grab it and recover your hat.

Star 1: Scale the Mountain
Easy as it gets, there is a star at the top of the mountain, follow any path but get there and grab your star.

Star 2: Mystery of the Monkey cage
Return to the place where the first star was, as you walk there you will see a caged star. There will be a monkey on top of the mountain, take a hold to it and if you release it, it will help you destroy the cage, take a dip in the waterfall and get the star.

Star 3: Scary ‘Shrooms, Red Coins (100 coins)
Remember that you can enter the fun super slide to get more coins, just make sure to not grab your 100th coin on the fun super slide.

Star 4: Mysterious Mountainside
Climb the mountain, after you see the cloud that tries to blow your cap off you will see a line of coins, there is a secret entrance there to this level fun super slide. Enter and follow the slide, you will come to the mountain side and you will be able to get the star.

Star 5: Breathtaking view from the Bridge
There is a star behind the waterfall on top of the mountain, to get it press the huge “!” switch and climb the blocks before the time runs out.

Star 6: Blast to the Lonely Mushroom
You may need to activate the cannon to get this star; the pink bob-omb is on the side of the mountain, go and talk to it to activate the cannon. Go to the right side of the mountain, right before the mushrooms with red coins so you can get on the cannon and…blast to the lonely mushroom to grab that star!

Mario races Koopa the Quick


Level 13: Tiny-huge Island
Challenge: Never enter the tiny island painting and always use the huge island painting (the one on the right).
When you first enter the room where the paintings are you will see two paintings, the one on the left is close and the one on the right is far away. The size of things inside the island will depend on what painting you enter to.

Star 1: Pluck the Piranha Flower
Enter the tiny island painting, head through the level and find a warp pipe. Get inside the pipe to go to the huge island and smack the piranha flowers to get this easy star.

Star 2: The tip top of the Huge Island
Enter the tiny island painting, get to the place where the piranha plants are and climb up, then get inside the warp pipe above this island and climb the huge island, on the top there will be a yellow “!” brick, break it and get your star.

Star 3: Rematch with Koopa the Quick
Koopa, The quick, returns to challenge you again. Enter the tiny island painting and get to where you enter to get star number 2, go against the huge iron black balls and you will find him. Talk to him and follow the path to windswept bridge to beat him and get the star.

Star 4: Five Itty Bitty Secrets
Enter the tiny island painting, find the secrets, one is at the hole, next to where you start, next one very top of the tiny island, next one is where you enter to get the coins (nearby the beach), then there is one where the cannon is in the huge island, and the last one is where the huge black rolling iron balls come out.

Star 5: Wiggler’s Red Coins (100 coins)
You can get out of Wigglers Mountain. The pink bob-omb Is at the tiny island, nearby the cannon.

Star 6: Make Wiggler Squirm
Enter the tiny island painting and get to the top of the tiny island. Ground pound the ground so that water goes out and enters the island. Get to the huge island by using a warp pipe and then enter the hole you made by ground pounding the top of the tiny island. You will see wiggler who is mad. Ground pound his head three times and he will give you the star.

Level 14: Tick Tock Clock
Challenge: Never enter at 12
Time, time time! Things on the clock will move slower, faster, and crazier depending on what time you enter the clock. If you enter when the clock is at 12, things will be static, if you enter at 3, things will be slow, if you enter at 6 things will be crazy and if you enter at 9 things will be fast.

Star 1: Roll into the Cage
Follow the path through the level and eventually you will find three gears, instead of continuing the path to go to the top go a bit to the left and you will find the star inside a cage, grab it.

Star 2: The pit and the pendulums
This one is tricky, follow the path of the level but when you see the health heart stop going up and keep going, you will come to a place where there are some pendulums, avoid them and get your star.

Star 3: Get a hand
Go to the cage where you found the first star. Wait there for the clock hand. Step on it and eventually you will come to where the star is, grab it!

Star 4: Stomp on the Thwomp
Follow the path up and you will come to a dead end soon enough, step on the clock hand and wait for it to go around, you will see a Thwomp, get on the corridor belt and step on the thwomp to get the star.

Star 5: Timed Jumps on Moving Bars
Right above where you rode the hand to get the third star you will see three moving bars, climb them with right timing so you can get your star.

Star 6: Stop time for red coins (100 coins)
Enter at 12, the coins are behind where you start, note that without the time speed up you will have to re-enter the level to grab the 100 coins star… don’t you?



Level 15: Rainbow Ride
Challenge: The whole level is a challenge itself.
Don’t fall down. If you fall down there may be hope, remember Mario can withstand a hit if you ground pound. Be extra careful to use all the skills you’ve learned to conquer this level up.

Star 1: Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow
Enter the level and get on the magic carpet, follow the path through it and when you can go to the left or right, go to the left, keep on that path until you come to a huge ship, get on the ship and your star will be there.

Star 2: The Big House in the Sky
Follow the same path as star one, but get on the right, you will come to a huge house, as your trip ends you will find your star.

Star 3: Coins amassed in a maze (100 coins)
The coins are on the structure next to the floating spinning platforms. They are easy to grab and the star maker is at the bottom.

Star 4: Swingin’ in the Breeze
Follow the path to the spinning platforms, and go down the pole to get to the other section of the level, get past the Fly-Away and go to the right, climb above the pendulum-like structure and eventually you will come to a wooden slope, follow the path and grab your star.

Star 5: Tricky Triangles
Return to the spinning platforms and go down the pole again, follow the other path and you will come to find a huge “!” switch, press it and quickly ride the triangles, the star is above the highest pyramid.

Star 6: Somewhere over the Rainbow
This one is quite nice. Find the pink bob-omb on the coins maze, talk to it and it will activate the cannon. The cannon is on the ship, get on the ship, and shoot yourself to the pole, break the yellow “!” brick and grab that star.


Mario in the midsts of the Fire Sea


Castle Secret Stars

There are some stars Bowser couldn’t give to his minions. They are hidden throughout the castle.

1. Princess Secret Slide
The slide is on the second level where the castle starts, it’s a door with 1 star, there are three princess windows, enter the one on the right and slide the fun slide, get your star.

2. Princess Secret Slide
Re-enter the slide and finish it under 21 seconds to get the star.

3. The Secret Aquarium
On the 3rd level painting room there is a hole on the left top side of the room. Enter and you will find an aquarium with 8 red coins and a star maker. Yup, grab them and get your star.

4. Mips, the rabbit
Mips is a hectic rabbit who lives on the castles’ basement after you get 15 stars. Get a hold of him and he will give you a star.

5. Toads’ first gift
Toad will be next to the entrance to the hazy maze cave (level 6) talk to him and get your star.

6. Toads’ second gift
Toad is on the second floor of the castle, under the stairs third floor, he has a star for you.

7. Mips, the rabbit encore
After getting 50 stars Mips will make an encore, go and get him for another star.

8. Toad’s third gift
Toad is waiting for you on the third floor, next to the clock for his final star.

9. Wing Mario over the Rainbow
There is a hidden level on the third floor. If you enter the room right across where Level 15 entrance is you will get to a clouded place where you will need the winged cap to get 8 red coins and a star.

10. Bowser in the Dark World
Get the coins on the level and grab your star.


Bowser in the Fire Sea

11. Bowser in the Fire Sea
Get the coins on the level and grab your star.

12. Bowser in the Sky
Get the coins on the level and grab your star.

13. Green Switch
The green switch level has 8 red coins, you may need to get the green switch pressed to get a hold to them.

14. Blue Switch
The blue switch level has 8 red coins, you need to get the blue switch pressed to get to the star.

15. Red Switch
There are 8 red coins floating above the red switch castle, grab them all and get your star.

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