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Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES) - Online Game Manual


Super Mario Bros. 3 (tm) Online Manual

A message from Mario

"Hello! How have you been? It's been such a long time since we've seen each
other. Bowser is up to his old tricks again, so Luigi and I are going on
another adventure. You're welcome to come along."

"This time it's Super Mario Bros. 3, the latest in the Super Mario Brothers
series. You'll experience lots of excitememt as your journey unfolds. For
beginners and seasoned veterans of our previous games, this one is going to
be a lot of fun! Let's look at Super Mario Bros. 3 in a bit more detail."


Bowser is back!!!

"Ha Ha Ha! These are my 7 children that are going to help me take over the
Mushroom World!"

These are Bowser's kids!!

"We just love being mean!!"

Larry Koopa
Morton Koopa Jr.
Wendy O. Koopa
Roy Koopa
Iggy Koopa
Lemmy Koopa
Ludwig Von Koopa



The Mushroom Kingdom has been a peaceful place thanks to the brave deeds of
Mario and Luigi. The Mushroom Kingdom forms an entrance to the Mushroom World
where all is not well. Bowser has sent his 7 children to make mischief as they
please in the normally peaceful Mushroom World. They stile the royal magic
wands from each country in the Mushroom World and used them to turn their
kings into animals. Mario and Luigi must recover the royal magic wands from
Bowser's 7 kids and return the kings to their true forms. "Goodbye and good
luck!," said the Princess and Toad as Mario and Luigi set off on their journey
deep into the Mushroom World.

"We took 7 wands from the 7 kings. Each of us has one. Our father has
instructed us to protect the wands."


Controller operation

For the 1 player game use controller 1.
For the 2 player game use controllers 1 and 2.

Control Pad

- Mario can enter a door.
- If you press the A Button at the same time, Mario can jump out of water.
- If you press the A Button at the same time, Mario can enter some upside-down

- Mario can squat (except for Frog Mario).
- Mario can enter some pipes.
- When the ground slopes, Mario can slide down it (except for Frog Mario).

Left and Right
- Mario can walk to the left and right. If you hold the B Button as you go
left or right, Mario will run.

A Button

- Jump
The longer you press the A Button, the higher Mario will jump.

- Swim
In the water, Mario can swim by repeatedly pressing the A Button.
If Mario has the Frog Suit, he can swim by using just the Control Pad. If
you use the A Button, Mario can swim even faster.

- Fly/Float
After using the A Button to jump, Tanooki Mario and Raccoon Mario can fly
or float for a limited time by pressing the A Button repeatedly.

- Super Jump
When Mario jumps on an enemy, he can jump very high by pressing the A

B Button

- Accelerate
Pressing the B Button while walking will make Mario accelerate. When Mario
is moving fast, he can jump higher and farther. If you continue to
accelerate, the Power Meter will increase. When the Power Meter is all the
way to the top, Mario's arms open, a whistle blows and the (P) will flash.
When this happens, you can press the A Button repeatedly to fly.

- Pick up a shell
After you have jumped on a Koopa, you can pick up the shell by hitting it
from the side while you have the B Button pressed. To kick the shell, let go
of the B Button.
(Hint: This is very useful for breaking blocks in odd places.)

- Wag your tail
Tanooki Mario or Racoon Mario can make a "tail attack" when you press the
B Button. With your tail, you can break blocks and defeat some enemies.

- Throw Fireballs
If Mario picks up a Fire Flower, he can throw fireballs by pressing the B

- Turn into a Statue
Tanooki Mario can turn into a status for a short period of time by pressing
the B Button and down on the Control Pad at the same time. While Mario is a
status, he cannot be harmed.

"Grrrrr. You're pretty tricky. With all of these moves, Mario will be
difficult to beat. I'd better report this to our Dad!"

- The SELECT Button is used to move the cursor on the title screen and on the
"game over" screen.

START Button
- The START Button will start your game.

- Pause Function
If you wish to pause your game, press the START Button. To resume play,
press the START Button again.


New techniques!

Holding a shell - B (Holding the B Button) ->
Running with a shell - Right+B (Holding the B Button) ->
Kicking the shell - Right (Releasing the B Button) ->
Breaking a block

When Mario has a tail

Accelerating - Right+B (Power Meter going up) ->
More acceleration - Right+B (Meter full, (P) starting to flash) ->
Take off - Right+A (Press the A Button repeatedly) ->
Mario can only fly for a short time.

Even more new moves
Sliding down a slope - Down
Tail Attack - B

How to get into up-side-down pipes - Up+A

"This is the first time I've met up with Mario. I'm studying his moves very


How to play Super Mario Bros. 3

There are 8 kingdoms in the Mushroom World where Mario's adventures take
place. Each kingdom has its own map. Mario can choose any road, but on the map
there are a lot of points that you can't pass if you don't clear an action
scene. At the start of the game, you get five players (the number of Marios
remaining (4) will be shown.) In the game there are places where you can get
power up items and even get extra Marios (1-UPs.) You must get the royal magic
wands back from Bowser's 7 children.

The title screen will appear if you press the START Button while the game is
in the demonstration mode. On the title screen, you can select a 1 player or
2 player game using the SELECT Button. If you press START again, the map of
World 1 will appear and your game will begin.


How to play the 1 player game

This is the World 1 map screen. Move Mario to the square with the "1" in it
and press the A Button. This will make the action scene for World 1-1 appear.

Start Panel
Mario starts from here.

Action Scene Panel
This panel contains an action scene. If Mario gets defeated while in an action
scene, he will be put back on the World map.

- Blocks
Hit blocks from the bottom or ram them from the side. A useful item might
pop out!

Super Mario can break this.

Question Block
Something interesting is bound to come out.

Switch Block
When you touch this, something strange will happen.

Jump Block
If your timing's right, you can jump very high.

- Items

Gather 100 coins and you'll earn an extra Mario.

1-Up Mushroom
Gain an extra Mario.

Makes you invincible for a short time.

Super Mushroom
Changes Mario into Super Mario.

Super Leaf
Changes Mario into Racoon Mario.

Fire Flower
Changes Mario into Fire Mario.

- Lifts
There are several types of lifts.

Rail Lifts
Travel along the rails.

Rotary Lifts
Sometimes these lifts spin. Be careful or you'll be spun off!

Donut Lift
More of a "drop" than a lift. When yo ustep on these, they will shake and

Directional Life
You can control the direction of this lift by jumping and pressing the desired
direction while in the air.


- Goal
At the end of each action scene, you'll find a goal. In the goal, three
kinds of cards (Mushroom, Flower and Star) will flash. Jump up and touch the
goal to grab a card and clear the level. If you get three cards, you will
get an extra Mario. If you get three cards of the same type, you'll get even
more Marios:

3 Mushroom Cards - 2 Extra Marios
3 Flower Cards - 3 Extra Marios
5 Star Cards - 5 Extra Marios.

- The Cards are displayed at the bottom of the screen.
- At the end of an action scene, a bonus is added to your score depending on
how much time you have left.
- Any enemies remaining on the screen when you touch the goal will be turned
into coins.


You lost one Mario:
- When you are touched by an enemy.
If you're Super Mario, you won't lose a life if you're touched by an enemy.
You just go back to being ordinary Mario. If you're Fire Mario or Racoon
Mario, then you go back to being Super Mario. If you do get hit, Mario will
flash for a few seconds. During this time, he is invincible.
- When you fall into a hole or into fire.
- When you run out of time (time remaining goes down to 0.)


Clear Panel
When you clear on action scene, this panel appears. You may pass through this
point freely.
(In the 2 player mode, if Luigi clears it, an "L" will be displayed.)

Spade Panel
Here, you play a slot machine type of game. The object is to line up pictures.
Every time you push the A Button, it will cause a line to slow down and stop.
If you complete a picture, you can get extra Marios.

Mushroom Picture - 2 Extra Marios
Flower Picture - 3 Extra Marios
Star Picture - 5 Extra Marios
(You can pass this point without playing it if you wish.)

N-Mark Spade Panel
Occasionally this panel will appear on the map screen. It contains a "memory
match" card game.
Choose a card using the Control Pad then select it with the A Button. Then
choose another card.
If they match, you will receive the item on the cards. You can continue to
play until you miss twice.

Mini-fortress & Locked Door
The Mini-Fortresses are guarded by Boom Boom, a tough servant of Bowser. When
you defeat him you get a magic ball and the Mini-Fortress tumbles to the
ground. And the Locked Door gets unlocked.

Toad's House
Mario can get some useful items here. Stand in front of one of the treasure
boxes and press the B Button. The treasure box will open and an item will pop
out. (You can pass Toad's house without entering if you wish.)

Hammer Brothers
The Hammer Brothers are bound to be hanging around somewhere on the map. When
you meet up with them, a battle will take place. If you can defeat them, you
will be rewarded with a special item.
(The Hammer Brothers differ from world to world.)


Items you can use on the map screen

The items that you can get in Toad's house or by beating the Hammer Brothers
can be used on the Map Screen. You can only use one item at a time. While on
the Map Screen, press the B Button to display the items that you possess (they
will be shown in the box at the bottom of the screen.) Choose the item you
wish to use by using left and right on the Control Pad and activate it with
the A Button. If you have more than one screen full of items, you can use up
and down on the Control Pad to flip to the different screens.
You can collect a maximum of 28 items. If you pick up a 29th item, it will
take the place of the 28th item.


Super Mushroom
Changes Mario into Super Mario.

Fire Flower
Changes Mario into Fire Mario.

Super Leaf
Changes Mario into Racoon Mario.

Frog Suit
Changes Mario into Frog Mario.

Tanooki Suit
Changes Mario into Tanooki Mario.

Jugem's Cloud
Allows you to pass an action scene without playing it.

Magic Wing
You can fly through an action scene until you run into an enemy.

When you start an action scene you will be invincible for a short time.

Used to break rocks on the Map Screen.

Music Box
You can make Hammer Brothers and others fall asleep on the map.

Magic Whistle
Not much is known about the Magic Whistle. See if you can find it!

This can stop the airships from moving.

"Wow! Mario sure has some neat new tricks... I hope we can stop him!"


This is the end fortress in World 1. The king has been transformed by one of
Bowser's kids. You must retrieve the royal magic wand!

This is the guardian of World 1. You must jump on his head three times to
defeat him. If you don't succeed in defeating him, the airship will move to a
different place on the Map Screen. Chase it and challenge him again!

When you do defeat him, you get the magic wand and you are able to change the
king back to his human form. Then it's on to World 2...


Game over

When you lose all of your Marios, the game over screen appears. Choose either
CONTINUE or END with the Control Pad and press the START Button.

If You Choose CONTINUE
The game starts again from the beginning of the World that you were in.
- You get to keep all of your items.
- All clear panels go back to being action scene panels.
- If you have destroyed the Mini-Fortress, it will stay destroyed.

If You Choose END
- You will go back to World 1.


How to play the 2 player game

In the 2 player game, player 1 (with controller 1) is Mario. Player 2 (with
controller 2) is Luigi. Player 1 and player 2 take turns clearing the action
scene panels. The two players can choose to cooperate or to compete against
each other. If one player is in the same space on the map as the other player,
then the 2 player battle mode (shown below) can be entered by pressing the A

In the battle mode (just like the game Mario Bros.) When one player is punched
from beneath by the other player, one of the punched player's cards will pop
out. In this way, you can 'steal' your opponent's cards, or even get rid of
cards that you don't want.

In the battle mode, the losing player is moved back to the point where the
battle took place. The winner can continue into the game.

In the 2 player battle mode, you can't lose any of your extra players (even if
you get hit by an enemy!)

How to play the 'Mario Bros.' game

One after another, Spiny, Crab, Fighter Fly and others jumps out of the pipes.
The object of this game is to punch these enemies from below to overturn them,
then kick them away. While the enemies are overturned, they can't move for
a while. If you let an enemy stay overturned for long enough, they will get
back up and be very angry! If you punch the POW you can overturn all enemies
on the floor at once.

* The POW dissapears after being punched three times. When a total of 5
enemies have been beaten, the player wins. If you are touched by an enemy,
you will lose.

In the 2 player battle mode, there are 3 other types of games (randomly

Game over in the 2 player mode

In the 2 player mode, when the game is over for one player, the game over
screen will appear. Choose CONTINUE or END by using the Control Pad, then the
START Button.

If you choose CONTINUE
The game will start at the beginning of the world that you were in with all
clear panels changed back to action scene panels.

If you choose END
The other player will continue their game alone.


The eight kingdoms

Let's take a look at the 8 kingdoms that make up the Mushroom World. Each of
them are truly unique... often so beautiful that you will forget that you are
in a battle against the villainous Bowser. Stay alert! Anything can happen in
the Mushroom World.

World 1 - Grass Land
This is where Mario starts his journey. Many slopes and new enemies await your
every move.

World 2 - Desert Land
Be careful! The desert has conquered its share of weary travellers. Look out
for the quicksand and be ready for the tricks ahead in the pyramid.

World 3 - Water Land
This world is all wet! Only a great swimmer will be able to get through. Do
your best to find a Frog Suit - it will help you immensely.

World 4 - Giant Land
In this world, everything - the mountains, the rivers, the terrain, even the
enemies - are huge. Even Super Mario is small compared to the Giants he will
meet here.

World 5 - Sky Land
Sky Land has many difficult sections. Racoon Mario's flying ability is bound
to help him here.

World 6 - Ice Land
Everything is slippery in Ice Land. Be cautious as you proceed. This world is
BIG, you may find some interesting items.

World 7 - Pipe Land
Left and right, it seems that all you can see is a maze of pipes! With so many
pipes around, there's bound to be lots of plant life to try to slow down
Mario. Don't get discouraged, you're very close to your goal.

World 8 - Dark Land

"How far can Mario go? I hope he doesn't make it this far. Dad has many
complicated tricks waiting for him in the Dark Land. I've even heard about
some new weapon that dad's been making."


The characters

A hose of new characters have joined Bowser and his turtle tribe. With this
information on these new items, you'll be well prepared.

Enemies above ground

A new flying version of an old familiar enemy. Once you jump on it, it loses
its wings.

These are Para-Goomba's children that will cling to Mario. Pressing the A
Button rapidly is the only way to get them off Mario.

Mario can ride on top of these flying enemies.

A moving chain of fireballs that can pass through many things to get to Mario.

Fire Chomp
A black ball followed by a chain of fire that shoots fireballs at Mario. Look
out! They can explode!

Chain Chomp
Although tied to a block by a chain, Chain Chomp is quite a tough enemy. Only
invincible Mario is able to defeat him.

Enemies in the Water

Bloober with kids
Bloober swims underwater with its children. It has a relative, the Scattering
Bloober, whose children scatter in all directions.

Swimming in the sea, this thorny fish will try to block Mario's path.

This electric jellyfish may sit still anywhere in the sea to get in Mario's
way. They are invincible!

Lava Lotus
An artificial flower that grows and blooms deep in the sea. Look out for the
lava balls that it will release.

Enemies underground

Buzzy Beetle
He's back again. This time he can walk on the ceiling.

Spike is usually easy going. But once he sees Mario he starts throwing spiked
balls at him. Spike occaisonally appears above ground too.

As long as he's walking, Bob-omb seems cute. Be very careful when he starts to
flash. He will explode destroying everything around him.

Enemy in an Airship

Rocky Wrench
Rocky is a turtle who kind of looks like a mole. He will suddenly appear and
start to throw wrenches at Mario.

Enemies in the Fortress
If Mario comes close, Thwomp will try to crush him. Since Thwomp is covered
with thorns, Mario can't touch him.

Spins around making maneuvers difficult for Mario.

"Boo" Diddly
Boo is too shy to look anyone in the face. But when you turn around...

Hot Foot
Usually, Hot Foot stays on a buring candle. If Mario gets close, Hot Foot will
start to chase him.

Dry Bones
A mummified turtle? No matter howm any times you jump on it, it'll come back
to life.

A ghost that hides under the floor waiting for anyone to come along.

The Boss of the Mini-Fortresses

Boom Boom
This is the boss that controls the Mini-Fortresses. Boom Boom hurls himself
at Mario with his arms swinging. Mario needs to jump on Boom Boom 3 times to
defeat him. Be careful though, Boom Boom gets quicker every time he gets
jumped on.

The Pirana Plants

Venus Fire Trap
This pirana plant emits fireballs. They come in different sizes and are very

These flowers blow out spiked balls from their mouths. There are walking ones
as well as ones that live in pipes.

Walking Piranas
These small flowers jump up when Mario gets close. Some of them can move

Munchers wait quietly for Mario. They are invincible, no attacks can hurt

Hammer Brothers

Boomerang Brothers
They have boomerangs instead of hammers. They can throw two boomerangs at

Fire Brothers
These guys shoot balls of fire at Mario.

Sledge Brothers
The Sledge Brothers shake the earth when they jump. They also throw hammers.
Try to jump up when the Sledge Brothers hit the ground. If you don't, Mario
will lose his footing.

"Quite an exciting game isn't it? I'm glad to know that we have such powerful
enemies helping us out. We have more guys helping us besides these... but
don't tell Mario."


To Mario's Players:

Thanks for selecting Super Mario Bros. 3. We've been working hard to make this
game even better than Super Mario Bros. 1 and 2. In addition to the action
scenes, we've added a World Map on which you can plot your progress as well as
play a new 2 player game. In Super Mario Bros. 3, you will find many more
hidden things than in the first two games in the series. We think that you
will find it much more challenging as well. Have fun!

Yours truly,
Mario's Staff


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