[MIDI] Super Mario Land 2 sounds and music
Sound effects / music

Sounds & Music - Midi's

Title File size
Bonus 3.4K
Bonusgame 4.2K
Bonusgame2 3.1K
Bonuswin 1.0K
Boohouse 15K
Boohouse 2 1.5K
Bossbattle 27K
Course clear 544
Ending 12K
Final stage 14K
Final stage2 15K
Final stage3 6.9K
Game over 3.1K
Macrozone 2.6K
Macrozone2 6.1K
Mariotheme 1.6K
Mariozone 1.5K
Outside warios castle 2.6K
Outside warios castle2 55K
Overworld 2.1K
Overworld1 23K
Overworld2 4.9K
Overworld3 15K
Overworld4 6.6K
Over world remix 13K
Pumpkin arranged 352K
Pumpkin zone 1.9K
Pumpkin zone1 4.5K
Spacezone 1.3K
Spacezone1-2 3.8K
Spacezone1 29K
Spacezone2-2 33K
Spacezone2-3 76K
Spacezone2-awe 38K
Spacezone2-remix 126K
Spacezone2 3.8K
Spacezone2wingroove 38K
Spacezone2xg 121K
Spacezone3 6.4K
Specialstage 40K
Stagebgm1xg 63K
Starman 3.4K
Treezone 2.2K
Treezone1-2 15K
Treezone1 10K
Treezone2 4.5K
Treezone3 9.8K
Turtlezone 2.1K
Turtlezone1v2 20K
Turtlezone2-1 30K
Turtlezone2-2 11K
Turtlezone2 1.8K
Turtlezone2xg 76K
Wariobattles 1 and 2 32K

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