Super Mario World Super Medley by the Burdeti Duo
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The Burdeti Duo performs "Super Medley", an arrangement of Super Mario World for guitar and piano!

We had a great time putting this project together although it was tremendous amount of work (over 300 hours). This project combined not only performing, but arranging, composing, recording, filming, and editing (including all the special effects)! I had to also play through ALL the levels again in order to record the video game footage in the background! All the editing was done on a 2008 macbook pro laptop!

**Can you find and name all the pieces in the Medley?**

-Andrei Burdeti: guitar, arranging, videography and recording.
-Jannie Burdeti: piano and videography

(Recorded on Nov 28, 2015)
Original Music by K. Kondo.

Andrei's website:
Jannie's website:

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