Super Princess Peach (Nintendo DS) Cheats, Hints and Tips
Super Princess Peach (Nintendo DS) Cheats, Hints and Tips

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Cheats, Hints & Tips


You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Super Princess Peach (Nintendo DS)


Bonus Minigame
When at the title screen hold down R and press the Start key and it'll start a mini game where you are pushing all the Toads off the screen.


Easy health
Go to the shop and buy the "Natural Power" item. To make it refill the yellow bar beneath your heart find a place where Peach can stand with no enemies in striking distance. Let Peach stand idle (dont touch any controls) and the Umbrella will cover Peach's head and the bar will refill.


Infinite coins
First go to the shop and purchase the Courage Soda for 1000 gold coins. Enter any level and attack a monster and out will pop five coins. Walk out of view of where you killed the monster and then go back - the monster should be there again for you to kill, you can repeat this an infinite amount of times.


Title screen versions
By changing the time in the system clock you will get a different title screen. Setting to 12 midnight will give you the night time version and 12 in the day the daytime version.

Unlockable Level 8-6
In order to access this level you must first find ALL of the Toads in every area.


Unlockable Endless Fever mode
Endless fever mode is an item that can be bought from the shop for no cost, its not available from purchase until you have beaten all levels twice, all mini games once and cleared the Music History and Puzzles. With this item equipped you're emotion gauge will always be maximised.

Unlockable Dash Attack Kassa move
Once you have successfully completed the game once you will be able to use a new move called Dash Attack Kassa, this move allows you to attack while dashing by pressing either Y or B buttons.

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