The Adventures of Wario

Story originally submitted to Super Mario Portal on April 25th, 2004 by Nintendork

Chapter 1


One day, in a big, golden castle lived a very greedy man named Wario. Now, he's not your average-everyday treasure hunter. They say he's the richest man in the Mushroom Kingdom! Well, just read the story. "Hmm..." Wario thought. "Something doesn't seem right... BUTLER!" Wario shouted. His butler came immediately. "Yes sir?" Wario's butler asked. "I think something has been stolen." Wario suspected something. "Well what do you want me to do about it?" Asked Wario's butler (No, he doesn't really have a name). "Good question." Wario said. "I know!" Wario had an idea. "I'll track down the gas-head, and give him a little whack-whok!" Said Wario. "Huh?" Replied Wario's butler. "Never mind. I saw it in a movie once." Said Wario. And so, he got ready and left the castle. As he walked out of the castle,

his butler said,"Are you wearing your lucky underwear!?" "Yes." Wario replied.


Chapter 2

A few hours later Wario arrived at a pyramid in the deep jungle. "WOW! I bet that pyramid has alot of gold and maybe even my golden statue( Wario's golden statue is Wario's most prized possesion, and that's what the 'gas-head' stole)!" Wario tried to get into the pyramid, but the Main Entrance was locked. "I thought I found the key a long time ago. Maybe...someone stole that too! i'm really mad! Well, maybe I should just go back and find it." After a long time he still didn't find it, but while he was looking he bumped into someone. "OW! Hey! Watch where you're going!" Wario shouted. "Hey... I know you! Hey!

Long time no see! How ya doing Wario?" Said the person. "Waluigi?" Wario asked. "Hey Waluigi, I need your help. I lost my gold statue, do you think you can help me?" "Sure" Waluigi

replied. "But I lost something too. I don't know what it's called but it's gold and very valuable."

"I've seen alot of gold things in my life, so I doubt I could find it." Wario said. Wario and Waluigi took off and headed toward the pyramid. "Wait, I've already been here, and I dont have the key!"

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