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If you were a kid between 1981 and today, or if you have had kids between those same dates then I am pretty sure you will know who I am talking about when I mention Super Mario Brothers. Mario is probably one of the most famous, iconic, and recognisable computer game characters the world has ever known and his popularity has spawned franchises including everything from clothes, music, and television shows.

With the whole world being connected to the internet pretty much 24/7, with everyone having a smartphone or tablet there is no limit to the way that people can engage with entertainment of the digital variety. Whilst once we were limited to offline consoles such as Nintendo (the home of Super Mario Brothers), now they face stiff competition from online video games, online casinos, and popular online slots providers like 888casino!

Despite these challenges from other popular entertainment platforms, the popularity of Mario has remained- but who is Mario, what is the key to his success, and what other ways can you enjoy the fun and frolics of this immensely popular contemporary icon? Read on to find out more.

Who is Mario?
Super Mario was created as a character in the Super Smash Bros game that was created for Nintendo bac in 1981. Since the first game was launched, he has appeared in a record 200 games since, making him one of the most well-known characters ever. Mario is a short, rotund, Italian plumber and an inhabitant of the Mushroom Kingdom. He is joined in his escapades by friends Princess Peach and his trusty sidekick Luigi.

What is the key to his success?
Mario is the number 1, bestselling video game franchise in the world and Nintendo have sold over 220 million units of games containing his character. The key to success has been providing players with game variations whilst still including his loveable character. Examples include Mario Kart, Marion Tennis, Mario Gold, Super Mario RPG and even educational games such as Mario Teaches Typing. The popularity of some characters is often just limited to one or two platforms and very few seek to expand the appeal through many other methods, thus increasing the appeal and enjoyment. It is this constant reinvention of Mario that has ensured he is successful with younger generations, whilst retaining the older fans as well. By recycling a character and making him available through newer technology, you can cash in on the nostalgia factor as well as keeping him fresh and exciting for the new generation.

How else can I enjoy Mario?
Nowadays you can play his games, watch him on TV, watch him in films, read about him in comics and collect a wide range of merchandises and branded souvenirs. Super Mario has also recently expanded onto iOs and Android devices as well. It is this wide-reaching strategy that has brought him to a huge range of different audiences and made him accessible and enjoyable to adults and children alike.

Whether you are a long-time Mario fan or you fancy taking a walk down memory lane, there are a plethora of exciting ways that you can enjoy your favourite character!

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