The world of Nintendo is changing. And not in a way that anybody ever imagined.
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If you look back on some of the historic Nintendo titles that we all know and love, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Kart, you can see just how far Nintendo has come in such a little space of time and it makes you proud to be a Nintendo fan.

We have past the time where Mario, as a character, just ran, jumped and zipped through pipes around The Mushroom Kingdom and are now graced with titles which see everyone's favorite Italian plumber play soccer, baseball, fight and even pull over a cat suit to gain new powers! Gaming as we know it has changed.

Arguably one of the most important changes, not only in Nintendo's development process but in gaming as a whole, is the introduction of online play. Remember when you used to grab family and friends and bunch together on the living room sofa to enjoy a race in Mario Kart 64, or maybe you preferred to prove that Mario was better than Bowser by giving him a good smashing in Super Smash Bros. Melee? Whatever your taste of multiplayer perfection it seems that it is now moving away from those fantastic memories and moving to you sat in your home playing whoever you want, regardless of if you know them or not, all over the world.

And whilst that is great, it's also a concern. Sure it's fantastic to jump in on some multiplayer action whenever you want but don't you miss the laughs and memories of seeing your friends reaction to you throwing a perfectly-aimed green shell or trying to not shout verbal abuse when you enter sudden death in Smash Bros and a Bomb-Omb decides to spawn above you? Well we're trying to bring that back, along with other fantastic events, bringing together gamers from all over the UK to enjoy what we love most; Nintendo videogames.

StreetPass West Midlands is a brand new StreetPass group with a difference. We know that you want real-life events to attend. We know that you love playing multiplayer games with other like-minded people. And we know that you want those awesome StreetPass hits. So why not do just that whilst giving gamers an alternative scene to the busy streets of London? That's where we come in!

We would really appreciate your support whether you live in the UK or not as whilst we are trying to focus on real-life events we will always be open to Wi-Fi events to keep gamers satisfied until those real-life events become a reality. You can find us on Facebook over at: as well as on Twitter at: and chat to other Nintendo fans whilst we deliver directly to you, the latest Nintendo news and news on what will become some of the most fantastic events that you'll ever attend.

Hopefully we'll see you at one of our future events, just don't shout at us when we fire a blue shell from behind! 


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