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The Mario Franchise is one to behold, while some of his games are a purely solo experience, most of Mario’s games follow the philosophy of the more the merrier, so here’s a list of the Top Ten Multiplayer Mario games, of the ones I’ve played at least.


Mario taking a shot in Mario Strikers: Charged


10. Mario Strikers Charged:

    A phenomenal addition to the Wii's library. If you are a fan of Nintendo Sports titles of past years, Mario Strikers Charged is an incredibly entertaining game and comes highly recommended. Mario Strikers Charged is a sequel done right. More competitive and flashier than the first, Charged sports improved graphics, improved gameplay, and new mechanics, like picking individual sidekicks. There's enough strategy for players to develop a unique style with each character. This is a chaotically fun Mario title that is sure to bring your friends together. 

Mario catching a baseball in Mario Super Sluggers


9. Mario Super Sluggers

    Though my experience with this game was short lived, I saw the commercials all the time. I played it with a group of friends and instantly was amazed. It made great use  of the Wii‘s motion controls and impressed me with it’s stunning visuals, solid gameplay, and the character selection of over 70. I loved building an entire baseball team out of Mario characters, all with unique super moves, allowing each player’s team to have a unique mix of lovable characters.


Art scene featuring Bowser Jr, Iggy, Larry, Koopa Troopa and Goomba


8. New Super Mario Bros. Wii

I cannot express how excited when I heard this game would have simultaneously four player multiplayer. The ability to play Mario with four people all at once was just insane. Despite constantly fighting to see who could grab the mushroom or fire flower first, the game was the most fun I’d had with Mario since Sunshine. Just make sure to call shotgun on Mario or Luigi player, otherwise you’ll get stuck as a Toad.


Wario Ware Inc: Mega Party Games artwork


7. Wario Ware, Inc.: Mega Party Game$!

    Being the first Gameboy Advance I ever played, I’m a huge fan of the original Wario Ware, but when I learned there was a multiplayer Gamecube version, I was ecstatic. Wario Ware, Inc.: Mega Party Games$! Brings all the fun, speed, and humor to the big screen, and then shares it with you and your friends! Unlike Mario Party, there’s no rolling dice or stars to collect, it puts a unique twist on party games, forcing you to think on your feet. I love party games, and I love Wario Ware, so for me, this game is just outstanding.


Mario Kart: Double Dash Art


6. Mario Kart Double Dash

    Kart racers are always an easy pick for an afternoon of fun with friends, and Mario Kart: Double Dash proves itself worthy of being one of the best ones yet. Allowing tag team races with friends or alone is tons of fun, though the game’s difficulty can become nonexistent with a skilled partner. Along with a large set of fun and unique tracks, the drift system allows for skilled racers to fly far ahead of less experienced players, and keeps the races interesting. The game stays a constant favorite between me and my friends, and is one of the best games the Gamecube can offer.


Mario Power Tennis art


5. Mario Power Tennis

    I’ve always been a fan of Mario Tennis of the N64, but this improved upon the original in every way. When I first saw each character had their own special moves, unlike its predecessor, I was astonished! It brought the game to life in ways I couldn’t imagine. While some specials were much cooler than others, they all brought much more intensity to each match.


Mario Party 7 title screen


4. Mario Party 7

    You can’t really go wrong with any Mario Party, but Mario Party 7 is my personal favorite. It has one of the most varied character roster and the most unique mini games and boards. I personally enjoyed its lack of button mashing games, as those are impossible for me to win and I find myself just setting down the controller so I won’t tire my arm out. I felt Birdo was a nice obscure addition to the Mario Party franchise, and I hope she makes a welcome return sometime soon, she just doesn’t get enough love, you know? Speaking of returns the microphone mini games make a return, but you can switch them off in the options. This is good news for me, as I was never a fan of those either. All together, Mario Party 7 is a great example of a great party game, and an even faster way to ruin friendships than it’s predecessor.


Mario, Link, Samus and Kirby battle it out in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS


3. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS

    Any Super Smash Bros. game can provide hours of enjoyment, but for me the newest installment of Nintendo’s battle royal is the strongest in the series. With online play that isn’t aggravating, 8 player smash, tons of controller options, and a fantastic roster that is only improving, this new Super Smash Bros. is here to stay. Being able to take it on the go is also a definite plus, but the Wii U version is largely superior.


Tetris attack screenshot with Yoshi's Island theme


2. Tetris Attack

    With it’s Yoshi Island theme, beautiful soundtrack, and near perfect gameplay, this game stole my heart within minutes of turning on my Super Nintendo. Unlike this gem’s name implies, this is far from your typical game of Tetris. Tetris Attack uses multiple different colored panels you must arrange in lines of 3 or more to perform combos or chains to drop blocks on your opponent’s side of the screen to force the rising panels higher and higher til they hit the ceiling, effectively defeating your enemy. This game is the greatest puzzle game I’ve ever played, and I would recommend any hard core Mario or puzzle game fan give it a chance.


Super Mario 3D World


1. Super Mario 3D World

    This game brings a lot to the table. Remarkable and distinctive worlds, four player multiplayer, cat suits, and even Rosalina as a secret playable character, so this time no one has to be Toad! It all sounds too good to be true! I loved the new worlds the game introduced, such as the Bowser Land world. I loved the new Cat Suit power up and it’s climbing ability that came with it. As hectic as multiplayer was sometimes, I loved every minute of this game.


These 10 Multiplayer Mario games are sure to bring tons of enjoyment to any group of friends. Did I miss any other great Mario games? Let me know in the comments below what’s your favorite Mario title to play with friends and why.

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