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Yoshi (Nintendo DS) - Cheats & Tips

You can find below all the cheats and tips we have available in our database for Yoshi Touch & Go (Nintendo DS)


Extra game modes

  • Time attack mode - To unlock this mode you must score 300+ in Score attack mode.

  • Challenge mode - To unlock this mode you must last for 3000 meters or longer in Endless mode.

Money doesn't grow on trees... or does it?

When baby Mario is falling, if you poke the big leaves on the trees a yellow or blue coin will come out.


More Yoshi Colours & Eggs

There are many more colours and eggs available, here's a table of what you can get and how to unlock them.

Unlockable How to get it
Sky blue Yoshi (Holds 25 eggs) Get 60 points in the flying level
Pink Yoshi (Holds 30 eggs) Get 80 points in the flying level
Blue Yoshi (Holds 35 eggs) Get 100 points in the flying level
Yellow Yoshi (Holds 40 eggs) Get 120 points in the flying level
Bronze Yoshi (Holds 60 eggs) Get 140 points in the flying level
White Yoshi (Unlimited Eggs) Do 10,000meters in Endless
Purple Yoshi (Holds 50 Eggs) Finish challenge mode with 0 points
Light Blue Yoshi (Unlimited Eggs) Finish time attack mode with 0 points
Black Yoshi (Holds 50 Eggs + 1 for each point over 16) Finish the flying level with 160+ points


Purple Yoshi

To unlock Purple Yoshi, the fastest of the Yoshi's you must pass the 20,000 yard mark in Marathon mode.


Secret Mini Game

Get the top score on each of the single player modes and the balloons behind the main menu options will become clickable, click it to play a Balloon Popping mini game.


Yoshi runs faster

In time attack mode (the only mode this works in) you can make Yoshi run at twice his normal speed by drawing a cloud on the same level as the ground. This will help you improve your time.


If you know about any cheats we don't have, or you have some tips not listed below please let us know and we will add them, crediting the submitter.

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