Hotel Mario (Phillips CD-i)
Phillips-CDi: Hotel Mario

Release dates

Australia N/A
Europe Unconfirmed
Japan Unconfirmed
N.America December 31st, 1994


General information

Platform: Philips CD-i

Developed by Philips Media

Published by Philips Media

Players: 1-2 Players



Overview / Storyline

Hotel Mario on the Phillips CD-i was a unique title, although only enjoyed limited success. Bowser and his kids have again kidnapped the Princess, but not only that, this time they have ruined travel and tourism in the Mushroom Kingdom for good, by taking over all the hotels too!

Each Koopa kid has taken over a hotel, with the exception of Iggy Koopa who is in the final Hotel with Bowser.

The aim of the game is for you as Mario to close all the doors on every floor of each hotel to free them from the Koopa kids, but its not as easy as it sounds, many of Bowsers minions also infest the hotel floors and rooms.

The Story
It's a dark day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi have come to visit their friend Princess Toadstool, only to discover that the Princess has been kidnapped by Bowser, King of the evil Koopaling clan!

Bowser has turned the beautiful Mushroom Kingdom into a personal resort for himself and his seven Koopaling children. Each Koopaling has taken over a hotel in the Kingdom. To top it off, Bowser has challenged Mario and Luigi to save the princess from the Koopaling's clutches.

Beware of the Koopalings and their nasty pals as they try to stop Mario and Luigi from searching the seven hotels. Mario and Luigi have to use
their ability to jump and stomp --- and throw fireballs --- to avoid or defeat these enemies. It's up to Mario and Luigi to outsmart the Koopalings' clever traps.

Are you ready to check in to Hotel Mario?


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