Mario & Wario
Mario & Wario

Mario & Wario title screen

Release dates

Australia N/A
Europe N/A
Japan August 27, 1993
N.America N/A

General information

Platform: Super Famicom

Developed by Game Freak

Published by Nintendo

Players: Single-player


Mario & Wario is a single-player only title which was only released in Japan, it was another title that utilised the SNES mouse which didn't make it out of Japan.

In this game the player plays as a fairy named Wanda, guiding Mario (who is blinded by the Barrel or other object that Wario stuck on his head at the time) to his brother Luigi before time runs out! If Mario falls into any traps or dies, the level is restarted. Mario & Wario features more than 100 challenging levels.


There is no save feature for this title which is maybe another contributor to the reasons that this otherwise fun and unique game was not published in the rest of the world.


This title consisted of 11 different worlds as below

  • World 1 - The Fairy's Woods - This world is comparatively short and simple - it acts as a good level to break a new player into what the game is about. There arent any enemies here.

  • World 2 - Loch Yoss - This world is based in Yoshi's Island next to a lake

  • World 3 - Cloud Mountain - This world shows the introduction of the first Block Panels which expire, after they expire Mario can fall through them again so beware.

  • World 4 - Ice Cave - A world based on Vanilla Dome from Super Mario World, this icy wasteland has sticky blocks that appear at random.

  • World 5 - Fire Cave - Things start to heat up a little in these caverns with the introduction of Tsuboons which breathe fire at you.

  • World 6 - Cheep Cheep Ocean - This world is set in the sea and features the introduction of Switch Blocks

  • World 7 - Balloon Bridge - This sky based world introduces Balloon Blocks which contract and expand from time to time

  • World 8 - Dry Dry Desert - This arid desert features the introduction of Guriguri enemies

  • World 9 - Wario's Garden - In World 9 you have reached the grounds surrounding Wario's Castle

  • World 10 - Wario's Castle - After successfully completing your adventure through Wario's garden you are able to take on the "final" level, Wario's Castle.

  • Extra World - This bonus world is unlocked after beating Wario's Castle.

It should also be noted that after beating each world you get to play a bonus stage where Wario flies past on his plane, each hit on Wario and his plane will gain the player a coin. If Wario is hit enough times the plane will blow and Wario will be blown out of the sky.



A gameplay video of Mario & Wario


An article about Mario & Wario from Nintendo Power Magazine Vol. 52


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