Super Mario World Cartoon Episode 02: The Wheel Thing

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Super Mario World Cartoon Episode 02: The Wheel Thing

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In the second episode of the cartoon series Super Mario World, Episode 2: The Wheel Thing, we get to see that both the brothers Mario and Luigi have come up with an invention called the wheel but somehow, this invention of theirs falls into the clutches of the evil villain Ludwig von “ Kooky” Koopa. This creates a panic among the citizens of the Dome City and the brothers are barred from its limits. The episode revolves around how the brothers manage to save the Dome City from being destroyed by Koopa and his evil plans.

Koopa watches the brothers as they show Princess Toadstool their latest invention which the call “wheel”. Mario shows how this invention is fruitful. He even makes use of fish bones and piranha plants in order to construct several galoomba powered cars. On the other side, Koopa laughs as he has already sketched a plan to overpower the Dome city. The city is in a serious disaster as the cavemen are driving the cars and causing accidents. This leads the people to be angry and they blame Mario and Luigi from these troubles. They are then banished to a place called the Lava Pits.

A Blargg coming after Mario and Luigi in the lava pits

Finally, King Koopa reveals what he claims to be the “most monstrous invention ever”. It is the Mega Mechanasaur, a fire breathing mechanical dragon. King Koopa uses this to create chaos and destruction in to the city which is totally defenceless without Mario and Luigi. One of the citizens, named Ooga asks princess Toadstool to bring back the Mario brothers. The scene then shifts to the lava pits where the brothers are shown to cook pizza over a fire. Just then, Mario receives a Morse code signal from the princess and hurries back. But then they are attacked by a creature called Blargg. Mario manages to get a ‘Cape Feather” and using that he transforms into Cape Mario and along with Luigi flies off toward Dome City. There the brothers makes use of log speed bumps, fireball shooting traffic lights and with some help from pothole digging Yoshi (the green dinosaur) and are finally successful in destroying the evil invention of King Koopa. The episode ends with the brothers making a promise to keep away any inventions from the cavemen.


Trivia & Bloopers

  • This was the first time King Koopa appeared in person in the Super Mario World cartoon. He was on vacation during EP1: Fire Sale.

  • As with most of the cartoons this episode featured numerous instaces of discoloration. At one point When Mario and Luigi are talking, Mario's clothes pretty much all turn red right after Luigi says "Does that mean what I think it means?"

  • There are several points in the episode where Luigi's cap has a white "L" on a black background.

  • The size of Yoshi's eyes fluctuates quite significantly through this episode.

  • Just after the cave people tried to use the wheels as hats, Mario's Cap has an L on it.

  • When Princess Toadstool is inspecting the cars coming off Mario and Luigi's production line she proclaims "It even has a horn?" her eyebrows change colour briefly.



Walker Boone voiced Mario, Tony Rosato as Luigi, Andrew Sabiston as Yoshi, Tracey Moore as Princess Toadstool, John Stocker (he was Toad in the SMB3 Cartoons, SMBSS) as Oggar & a Dinosaur, Dan Hennessey as various cave people, Michael Stark who voiced Kooky Von Koopa also voiced one of the cave people and of course Harvey Atkin as King Koopa


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